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10 Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Free Feed Your Dog

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Tim Rhodes

How to train and tackle, choosing the best toys, free feeding dogs, and time to going outside, all are responsibilities when you start your life with a pet (dog).

Are you aware of these concepts, free-feeding, and meal feeding of the dogs?

Actually how to feed your dog is also an important thing.

Free-feeding means food is accessible at all times and your pet is free to choose the time and quantity of the feed.

On the other hand, meal-feeding is set the schedule and quantity of the food for your dog.

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10 Top Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Free Feed Your Dog

If you want to learn more about free-feeding then keep reading, there is valuable information.

Therefore, we are going to present to you the 10 best reasons why you shouldn’t free-feed your dog.

1. Free Feeding Cause Dog Guidance Issues

You believe it or not, there is an accurate and wrong way to feed your dog.

If you’re free-feeding your dog you may be opening yourself up to control issues in the future.

There is a master and pet relationship between you and your dog.

When you provide the food on time your buddy recognized it and follows your instructions with heart.

Your four-legged chum obeys the order more when in front of your friends and family gathering.

Through this method, the master can habituate the dog according to his/her interest.

A hunting dog learns hunting without any extra effort, a dog looks after your home when you absent from the home, etc.

If you don’t have the free-feeding idea, it’s the point at which you leave your dog’s food bowl down and consistently fill it.

Something contrary to free-feeding care is to have your pet on customary taking care of schedule, or “feast times”.

A few people free-feed without acknowledging it.

It’s entirely simple to change a canine to customary taking care of timetable, and by doing so you’ll be clearing up plenty of possible issues.

Who could realize that how you feed your dog could have such an effect.

2. Meals Feeding Keep Clean House Habits

Basically, on the off chance that you don’t have a clue when food is going and when your dog eats the food, you’ll fail to recognize when should you come out with your pet.

This is particularly significant when at first housetraining a pup or recently embraced dog, yet it remains constant all through the dog’s life.

At the point when a dog is benefited from a sensibly steady timetable, it’s quite possible to regulate his bathroom needs and set a schedule that will be easy to follow.

Far superior to a set routine is to take care of your dog in a “lapse of time.”

This forestalls focusing on an edge dog when life confuses and he can’t be taken care of at the specific time he’s utilized.

It additionally forestalls the formation of a clock-watching, requesting, reminding pet, and keep the house clean from insects and little creatures.

When you full bowl with food and always available it is a clear invitation for ants and other insects to your home.

If you’ve never lived in a spot where the very idea of a dropped piece of food would prompt an intrusion, view yourself as fortunate.

But the free-feeding dogs is the greeting for the ants and insects.

Meal-feeding also prevents it and you can clean and clear your house from these insects.

3. Hunger As A Main Indicator Of Health

The nonexistence of hunger is often the 1st sign that a dog is not feeling well.

If your dog has a habit of grazing throughout the day, it’s harder to know if he hasn’t eaten yet because he’s preoccupied with life or his stomach is bothering him.

This will make him defiant as consistent access to food will no longer persuade him to do anything for food.

When your pet has a pattern of eating throughout the day without any hinder, it’s harder to know whether he hasn’t eaten at this point since he’s engrossed by life or his stomach is annoying him.

This will enhance the laziness of your pet, and the dog will not obey the order/instructions, and the dog will eat food from the other bowls whenever outside the house.

Conversely, if your dog has been molded to show indications of being hungry inside a specific time span, and promptly eats when his feast is introduced.

You’ll have a solid sign that he’s not feeling admirably on the off chance that he looks down on the bowl.

By then, the proprietor knows to be keeping watch for different indications of sickness and can choose if a vet arrangement is justified.

Also, on the off chance that you do visit the vet (examine), you’ll have the option to precisely report how long your four-legged chum has been off his food.

4. Meal Manners For Multi-Dog Households

In homes with various dogs, free-feeding care can make it almost difficult to screen every individual pet day by day activities.

It can likewise make circumstances where more self-assured dogs are permitted to scare housemates into giving up their segments.

This frequently occurs without the proprietors figuring it out.

They may not mediate until the issue has continued long enough that it’s observable because of an adjustment in the canine’s weight.

The more drawn out a canine practices undesirable conduct, the additionally testing it very well may be to change.

When taking care of multiple dogs, it’s astute to train them to stay out of other’s affairs with regards to food bowls.

We as a whole have the right to eat in harmony.

In any event, when a dog doesn’t appear to mind the interruption of a meeting housemate under ordinary conditions, the pressure of the other canine attacking his domain may prompt snarky conduct.

Particularly if the interruption happens on a day he isn’t feeling admirable or when other upsetting things are going on in the living place.

At the point when dogs are taken care of suppers, it’s simpler for the dependable people to tenderly remind everybody to remain at their own bowl and not meddle with housemates.

Receiving this routine likewise rearranges things when multiple dogs on various foods.

5. Reasons Not To Free Feed Your Dog

Your dog response quickly when called?

Meal-feeding on the contrary to free-feeding trains your dog in rapid response to your call without any extra effort.

As you know response on call is the most valuable talent any dog will learn.

There are several methods/techniques to teach and train a strong recall behavior of your dog.

Everything needs your time and skill, but you can train without any extra effort through practice during every meal.

Old style molding is tied in with making a solid relationship in a dog’s brain.

At the point when I realize a dog loves food and is amped up for supper time, I can without much of a stretch exchange a portion of that adoration and fervor onto my recall word by saying the word a brief instant before going after and taking care of a chomp of food.

It doesn’t make a difference what your four-legged chum is doing at that point, he can be sitting, standing, and so on.

What is important is that he hears his review word and food mysteriously arrives in his mouth close to two seconds after the fact.

I can undoubtedly quickfire my way through 25 rounds of “Saber, here!” in about a moment, and look at this as a significant bit of our review support preparing.

6. Free Feeding Can Create Health And Weight Issue For Your Dog

Every good dog owner wants good health and an ideal weight for his/her dog, it required meal feeding of the dog.

As you know in free-feeding, food accessible to your dog consistently, gives the opportunity, full freedom to pick when to eat, and in what sum.

Free Feeding And Dog’s Health Issues

Free-feeding care may appear to be simpler for pet guardians yet over the long haul, it can make extreme complications.

Free-feeding can likewise affect your dog’s general health as certain dogs may become hefty though a few dogs may begin losing their hunger over the long haul.

As you know good health of your dog is very important.

You have to guarantee that your dog has legitimate eating and crapping routine yet free feeding can bring about demolishing the organic clock of your dog.

Free-feed dogs may have fewer food-guarding issues however it can cause numerous medical issues in your dog like over-eating, and so on.

In free-feeding, your dog can eat as much as he needs or as meager as he wants which is a downright terrible practice and directly affect general health.

Free Feeding And Dog’s Weight Issues

The significant hazard related to free-feeding is stoutness.

Because of the absence of discretion, a dog can continue eating until the bowl gets vacant.

Free-feeding offers your four-legged chum a chance to overload which in the long run outcomes in making him hefty.

Corpulence in the dog is a significant issue, and the dog proprietor ought to control their dog’s load to keep him sound and cheerful.

7. Different Reasons For Free Feeding The Dogs

Here are some concise viewpoints of experienced dog owners of why you shouldn’t choose the free feeding for your dog.

Free Feeding Cause Training Issues

At the start of training, dog-guider reward their dogs with food on learning any new instruction.

But (free-feeding) endless access to the food to your furry companion, you can no longer use this trick because it while training them as they will no longer feel motivated by food.

You’re Not Able To Keep Track Of His Meals

When you decide on the free-feeding of your dog then it is not possible to check every meal.

The dog owner totally won’t be able to keep track of when he ate the meal and the quantity.

And as you know observe your dog’s meals is very important to ensure that his body is meeting its nutritional needs.

No Fixed Poop Time

Meal-feeding is imperative for a dog because it ensures that he will poop at a fixed time but when your dog is on free-feed then you will be failed to expect when your dog will going to eliminate.

So, to avoid this you should fix the mealtime of your dog.

Free Food May Get Wasted

The whole day leaving dog food in the bowl is not a hygienic way.

Some food can get died effectively, and if your dog expended that food, at that point it can make different wellbeing confusions.

The earth additionally assumes an urgent job in it as during the stormy season if the food is presented to dampness, at that point it can get died without any problem.

8. Meal Feeding Makes House Training Easier

After all, if you don’t know when your dog is eating?

Definitely, you are unable to recognize the time when he is most likely to need to go outside.

On the other hand, you have the mealtime of your pet, you will follow the routine then it is your responsibility to provide the meal on time, it will make your routine.

And also fix the time to walk with your pet, and it is also your walk time.

For this reason, most people choose to go with regular meals for the dog.

The other side to this, however, is if you demand taking care of your dog at, state 7 am and 5 pm straightaway, and you digress from that plan, the canine can wind up being pushed.

So, on the off chance that you will hold fast to taking care of the calendar, the better methodology is to conclude that you’ll take care of your dog.

For instance, between 8 am and 9 am, and afterward again between 6 pm and 7 pm.

That way, the dog won’t worry thinking about whether you’ve neglected to take care of him, or in case you’re ever going to take care of him again?

Accordingly, you’ll despite everything have an entirely decent handle on his end designs, however, his reality won’t conclude if, for reasons unknown, you can’t take care of him exactly on schedule.

This will set you and your dog’s routine and schedule.

Exercise For Both Of You

Does your dog zigzag around the house and waste energy mostly?

This normally implies they have an excess of additional vitality they have to dispose of.

Doing exercise along with your pooch is an extraordinary path for them to deliver such additional vitality.

It likewise allows you to invest some important energy with your pet and get some activity yourself.

As such, if you and your pet exercise together, it’s useful for both of you!

9. Controlled Dog’s Impulse Through Meal Feeding

Usually, dogs actually love mealtime, and, at that time, speedily become over-excited, start themselves into a barking, rotating, jumping frenzy.

This often prompts the holders to work faster to flurry up and deliver the food to quiet the chaos.

It is not a good habit, it is bad for you and your dog also, because in this case, your dog does not adopt any manners.

Remember it, conveying the bowl to a crazy dog rewards the wild conduct!

There are numerous approaches to request that your dog display restraint fully expecting getting his feast, from expecting that he basically stands by serenely and unobtrusively, to necessitating that he hold a proper remain.

At any rate, you should show your dog that excessively energized conduct will blow back, making me set food aside and leave the kitchen!

This is the time to teach or train the dog, and the dog will follow your instructions gradually.

10. Etiquette And Formal Stay Through Meal Feeding

Do you notice this a dog is a rouse to eat when seeing a food bowl in hand?

A real trainer knows this the best time to teach your dog etiquette and formal stay.

And at that time your pet follows your given instructions.

Most people use taking care of time as a prime open door for educating the sit-remain.

Let’s learn it with the example, by requesting only 3-5 seconds of restraint using a sit-remain (sit calm) as you hold your dog’s bowl of food.


On the off chance that the dog breaks position – including serenely resting or standing up (since you specifically asked for sit-calm).

Basically, set the bowl on the counter and separate it from your dog for 25-30 seconds or something like that.

It’s insightful to occupied yourself during this time with the goal that it’s simpler to remain withdrew from a dog who may attempt to bug you as he attempts to make sense of what simply occurred.

Likewise, there’s no compelling reason to censure or in any case right the dog when he breaks position.

The objective is for your dog to understand that his activity (breaking position) is what’s causing the delay in eating.

Following 25 to 50 seconds, come back to the meal area, get his bowl, teach that he “sit” and “calm” and attempt once more.

Odds are acceptable that his “Woohoo!” try this 3-4 times.

At the point when he’s fruitful, and you arrive at your five-second check, make certain to utilize an unmistakable delivery word (I like, “alright!”) before welcoming him to eat.

The delivery word tells him that this time, getting up won’t bring about you expelling the bowl.

As he gets the hang of things, make certain to switch up how long you ask that he remain, now and then asking more, here and there astounding him with a simple, short remain, yet continually finishing with the delivery word.

Just a glance at the lists above shows that there are clearly more advantages to feeding scheduled meals than allowing your pet to free feed.

Most pet-care professionals will also agree that feeding scheduled meals is the healthiest option for your pet.

However, I understand that scheduled meals might not work for everyone but it is the opinion of experienced persons you should put your dog on meal feeding.

Final Thoughts

Only a snappy look at the rundowns above shows that there are plainly a greater number of points of interest you should not try a free feeding dog because meal feeding is best for pets (dog).

Most pet-care experts will likewise concur that meal feeding is the most advantageous choice for your pet.

Your objective isn’t to accomplish status over the dog.

You will likely show your pet how to deal with himself, as a pet, in the human world.

At the point when a dog is inspired to eat dinner, you can utilize taking care of time to help show a few important practices.

For example, rapidly come when called, how to sit or formal stay, and how to behave with guests.

Be that as it may, I comprehend that planned suppers probably won’t work for everybody except it is the assessment of experienced people you should put your dog on meal feeding.

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