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10 Best Sugar Free Dog Treats & Their Reviews For 2021

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There are many flavors and different types of sugar free dog treats available in the market to choose from, ranging from chewy to crunchy and cheesy to meaty.

The dog treats are delicious, aromatic, and include superior vitamins, minerals, natural ingredients, with low caloric, and other nutritional content that make them a healthy option for the human best friend.

They are low-caloric because too many calories can lead to weight gain and possible health problems with your dog.

Although even being healthy, it’s essential to note that these treats are meant to be used in limited quantities, as their excessive use can lead to the obese dog; hence the treats must be given in moderate portions.

As a dog’s training starts, you can introduce treats to them, which will make them more energetic and excited, also these can be given as snacks between the meals.

Besides giving them a little energy boost between their meals, treats can help clean their teeth and good oral hygiene.

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10 Best Sugar Free Dog Treats Reviewed

Daily meals and feeding habits are essential for general health, but the right treats can improve the pup’s mood, physical condition, and mind.

That is why in this article, we’ve reviewed the 10 best sugar free dog treats.

1. Bandit's Biscuits All Natural Healthy Grain Free Dog Treats Cheese Bacon

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Bandit’s Biscuit’s mission is to provide wholesome, delicious treats for your cute dogs.

All-natural healthy grain treats contain no corn, soy, and wheat; they are also safe for pets suffering from grain allergies or sensitivities.

These treats are made of high-grade ingredients that you would find in your kitchen and come in a variety of flavors.

They’re made up of 9% crude protein and 10% crude fat and have no chemical, fillers, additives, or animal by-products in the biscuits.

An ideal option for large and medium-sized dogs and can be easily broken for small dogs.

Garbanzo bean flour is being used in their preparation rather than grain flour for those dogs who suffer from grain sensitivity or are allergic to grains.

They are baked in small batches to crunchy perfection and are packaged in a resealable bag to ensure freshness.

There are a variety of Bandit’s Biscuits, including blueberry, peanut butter, and cheese.

These treats are baked in the USA.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ideal for medium and large-sized dogs
  • Has a variety of flavors
  • Packaged in a resealable bag
  • Contain no chemical, fillers, additives, or animal by-products
  • Safe for pets with grain allergies or sensitivities

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2. BRUTUS & BARNABY Sweet Potato Dog Treats

Sweet Potato Slices For Dogs - Single Ingredient Grain Free Dog Treats, Best High Anti-Oxidant...
  • Brutus & Barnaby stands behind our products, we promise that you and your dog will love our treats or we will take...
  • Dehydrated Sweet Potato Chews For Dogs Preserves Natural Anti-Oxidants, source of natural vitamins and minerals to...
  • Our dried sweet potato dog treats are thicker cut for a long lasting chew. Give these vegetarian dog treats often...
  • Sweet potato dog chews are Gluten Free & Grain Free, so are easier to digest. Excellent treat for dogs on a raw...
  • Our grain free sweet potato dog treats are great for dogs of all ages - easy to chew, easy to digest, perfect for...

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These Dehydrated Sweet Potato Slices by Brutus & Barnaby are the best healthy snack for your dog and are sourced in North America.

They are made of sweet potato and no other artificial colors, flavors, or excess sugar.

Brutus & Barnaby sweet potato dog treats are an excellent vegetarian option for the ones who are not looking for non-vegetarian treats for their dogs.

These sweet potato slices are ideal for the teething puppy or a senior dog on a diet.

This treat will help to complete your dog’s nutrient needs without supplements.

The treats are gluten and grain-free, making them easier to digest and can be useful for dogs that may be allergic to other things and high-quality components for dogs on a raw food diet.

Sweet Potato dog treat contains zero fat, no added sugar, and fiber provided by natural potato skins to balance blood sugar levels that can be good for senior diabetic dogs.

Brutus & Barnaby guarantees full money back if the customer is not 100% satisfied with the dog treat.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Gluten and grain-free product
  • Low fat and low glycemic food
  • No added sugar
  • 100% money-back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with the product
  • Contains only sweet potatoes

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3. Milk-Bone Brushing Chews Daily Dental Dog Treats

Milk-Bone Original Brushing Chews, 6 Large Daily Dental Dog Treats (Pack of 5) Scrubbing Action...
  • Packaging my vary
  • Contains five (5) 8.1-ounce bags of large dog dental treats (30 bones total)
  • Chicken-flavored large dog treats for dogs over 50 lbs. and six months of age
  • Scrubbing action helps clean teeth and freshen breath, reduce tartar buildup, and maintain healthy gums
  • Formulated with calcium to help support strong bones and teeth

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Milk-Bone Brushing Chews help provides a simple and effective way to take care of your dog’s teeth.

This natural dog treat will help keep your dog’s dental health on multiple levels, including sustaining strong and healthy gums, reducing tartar buildup on teeth, and freshening breath.

Milk Bone’s dental treats feature special nubs and ridges, which help maintain healthy gums, reduce tartar buildup, and freshen up breath by scrubbing action.

These treats have a twist design that helps dogs clean even those hard-to-reach back teeth and the gumline.

It is made with no artificial flavors and is fortified with 12 essential minerals and vitamins, which you can give to your dog without any worries.

Milk-Bone Brushing Chews are secured with 12 essential vitamins and minerals, including calcium, to support your dog’s strong bones and teeth.

This product is available in three sizes-small, medium, and large, depending on your dog’s breed.

The product is made with superior quality ingredients that meet applicable standards and specifications of the U.S.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Has irresistible flavor
  • Contains no artificial flavors or preservatives
  • Promotes dental health by fighting tar building and maintaining healthy gums
  • Contains calcium and other vitamins and minerals
  • Affordable price

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4. Healthy Pet Bites Cheese & Bacon Flavor Treats

Healthy Pet Bites Cheese & Bacon Flavor Treats •All Natural •NO PRESERVATIVES •Wheat, Corn and...
  • Benefits of these ingredients include: HONEY has been shown to have antifungal and antimicrobial properties and can...

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These snacks aren’t only healthy; they are also a perfect bite-size treat and will have your dog crave more.

Healthy Pet Bites cheese & bacon flavor treats include honey, which has antifungal and antimicrobial properties and can help improve coat and skin health.

These flavor treats are made with ingredients like- honey, rolled oats, Barley flour, palm oil, cheddar cheese, coconut oil, flax, natural bacon flavor, which provides excellent taste and complete nutrition as well.

This product is a perfect selection for dogs suffering from diabetes as it is a sugar-free product, and instead of using sugar, it contains honey.

Cheese & bacon flavor treats have no preservatives, no artificial colors, and are all-natural.

Cheddar cheese as an ingredient of this product is high in calcium and protein classified as superfood improves digestion, promotes skin and coat health, and boosts energy in dogs.

It also contains flax, which is a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

This product is made in the USA.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Contains no artificial colors or flavors, no preservatives, and is all-natural
  • Cheese & Bacon Flavor Treats are free of wheat, soy, and corn
  • Boosts energy in dogs
  • Contains honey as an ingredient
  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids

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5. Hill's Dog Treats, Jerky Strip

Hill's Natural Jerky Mini-Strips with Real Chicken Dog Treats, 7.1 oz. Bag
  • Real chicken as #1 ingredient for a flavor that gets tails wagging
  • Bite sized and delicious
  • Not artificially preserved or flavored
  • The perfect treat for your perfect dog
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or your money back

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Hill’s Jerky Mini-Strips with real chicken dog treats is mouth-watering that gets your dog’s tail wagging.

With the blend of delicious taste and high quality, these dog treats are a perfect companion to canned foods and science diet dry as part of a dog’s daily nutrition needs.

They are all-natural and contain no artificially preserved colors or flavors.

Hill’s dog treats are balanced and go with your dog’s healthy feeding routine by building and maintaining lean muscles.

These treats are made from only high-quality ingredients, including real chicken, meats, fruits, and more.

These thick natural, jerky dog treats are made in the USA, while ingredients are from North America.

Hill’s Science treat is veterinarians’ #1 choice to feed their pets (based on an annual Veterinary survey).

Hill provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offers a 100% money-back guarantee if the customer is unsatisfied for any reason.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High-quality ingredients are used
  • Has an affordable price
  • No artificial preservatives or flavors
  • Veterinarian recommended treat
  • Made in the USA

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6. Pupums Healthy Dog Treats

Pupums Healthy Dog Treats Non-GMO Grain Free Human Grade Crispy Oatmeal Chip Made in USA (8oz)
  • 🌱 Pupums organic dog treats are the ideal sensitive stomach dog treats. 100% fit for human consumption. We use...
  • 🚚 Our all natural dog treats are carefully hand crafted right here in USA. Domestic production in small batches...
  • 👩🏼‍⚕️ These plant-based treats provide nutritional balance and healthy digestion to dogs with sensitive...
  • 🐶 Puppy to senior, small to large, poodle to hound, our treats are craved by dogs of all ages, shapes, sizes and...
  • 🍪 This 8 oz. value pack contains 25 crispy oatmeal chips in a handy seal-again package. Our easily breakable...

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Pupums is simply a smart choice for your furry and cute friend.

Pupums healthy dog treats are ideal for dogs with sensitive tummies and allergies; also, they’re nutritiously balanced and plant-based.

These are tasty, and all-natural dog treats that are an effective and reliable way to train your furry friend without the guilt of possibly overfeeding them.

Pupums treats were designed for small, medium, and large dogs.

Yet another reason why these treats are simply a smart choice for your furry friend.

Healthy dog treats are 100% human grade and non-GMO; also, they have no preservatives, no chemicals, no by-products, BHA, and BHT.

Easily breakable, these treats are acceptable for small, medium-sized, and large dogs of all ages.

Pupums products are pure, and they assure you that what you see on the product packaging is the same as you get.

These natural dog treats come in small batches that are made in the USA, and the quality of healthy treats are individually checked before they are shipped.

These treats are formulated with the recommendation of veterinarians and animal nutritionists and are approved by them.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Non-Gmo and Vegan-friendly
  • Easily breakable
  • An ideal choice for dogs with allergies and sensitive tummy
  • No added preservatives, by-products, or chemicals all-natural
  • Healthy treats are free from wheat, corn, and soy

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7. GREENIES Fresh Natural Dental Dog Treats

GREENIES Large Natural Dog Dental Care Chews Oral Health Dog Treats Fresh Flavor, 27 oz. Pack (45...
  • Contains one (1) 27 oz. 45-count pack of GREENIES Petite Natural Dental Dog Treats Fresh Flavor; Natural Dog Treats...
  • The unique texture of GREENIES Dog Chews cleans down to the gumline to fight plaque and tartar and freshen bad dog...
  • GREENIES Treats for Dogs are veterinarian recommended and accepted by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC)
  • Bursting with breath-freshening mint flavor, treat your Petite dog fantastically with these natural dog treats
  • GREENIES Dog Treats are made with natural, easy-to-digest ingredients and are nutritionally complete

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GREENIES Fresh Dental sugar free dog treats are set to keep your dog’s teeth clean, fresh breath, and happy.

Your dog can’t wait to sink its teeth into this tasty dental dog treat chew because they are made of breath-freshening mint flavor and feature a delightfully chewy texture that fights tartar and plaque.

These dental treats contain essential vitamins, including calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin E, vitamin B12, and more, which are healthy for your dog.

Treats have a tempting taste and are incredibly powerful; also, Greenies Treats for dogs are accepted and vet-recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC).

While this helps to clean teeth, dogs also love to gnaw them.

Best of all, these natural dog breath treats are made of highly soluble ingredients that are easy to digest.

These are great for Petite breed dogs, and they come in many sizes for small and large dogs as well.

As per the recommendation, feed one Greenies Dental Chew per day for dogs 15-25 lbs.

It is not suitable for dogs less than 6 months of age or less than 5 lbs.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Freshens bad breath with mint flavor
  • Contains a variety of vitamins and minerals
  • Promotes dental health; cleans plaque and tartar automatically
  • Contains all-natural, and easy to digest ingredients
  • Vet-recommend and VOHC approved for dental health

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8. Spot Farms All Natural Human Grade Dog Treats

Spot Farms Chicken Apple Sausage Healthy All Natural Dog Treats Human Grade Made in USA 12.5 oz
  • ALL NATURAL: Our bite-sized Chicken Apple Sausage treats are made with antibiotic-free chicken and real apples;...
  • HUMAN GRADE: If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for them; From the ingredients they’re made...
  • HIGH-QUALITY INGREDIENTS: We carefully cook our treats in small batches with nutritious, human- grade ingredients...
  • NO CORN, WHEAT, OR SOY: Our all natural treats are made from wholesome, healthy recipes. Every single bite is free...
  • U.S.-GROWN CHICKEN: Spot Farms treats are proudly made in the United States using regionally sourced ingredients...

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Spot Farms uses only the finest ingredients for this natural dog treat, sourced from trusted suppliers and farms in the United States.

All of the ingredients used by Spot Farms are graded for human consumption, and they make all the treats using the same standards required for human edible food.

The ingredients include chicken, apples, ground brown rice, cinnamon, honey, glycerine, salt, rosemary extract, vinegar, a natural flavor that your dog will love.

These dog treats are made in the U.S., from antibiotic-free chicken sourced from family farms in Kentucky, and unlike most dog food products, Spot Farms never use feed grade ingredients.

All-natural human-grade dog treats feeding amounts are based on the dog’s weight.

With these treats, always remember to check on your dog during feeding and give plenty of fresh drinking water.

Spot farms all-natural human-grade dog treats are soft and chewy and are bite-sized.

No artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors are used while making these treats, and also all the ingredients used are human grade.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made with real, antioxidant-rich apples
  • Human grade ingredients are used
  • Contains no corn, wheat, or soy
  • Best treats for small dogs consumption
  • Made in the USA

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9. Nudges Natural Dog Treats – Beef

Blue Buffalo Nudges Grillers Natural Dog Treats, Steak, 16oz Bag
  • NEW TO BLUE: Nudges are now part of the Blue Buffalo family; Same great taste and healthy ingredients, now backed...
  • REAL STEAK FIRST: Nudges Grillers are made with delicious real steak as the first ingredient for an irresistible...
  • TAIL-WAGGING TEXTURE: Dogs will dig the tender and deliciously charred texture of these healthy dog treats
  • MADE IN THE USA: Nudges are USA-made with the world’s finest ingredients
  • WHOLESOME INGREDIENTS: BLUE foods and treats are formulated with the finest natural ingredients, with no chicken...

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These sugar free dog treats will satisfy your dog’s cravings for summer grilling and that too without harming your pet’s health.

Small or big, playful or gentle, no matter how your dog nudges you, it always brings happiness and joy.

Nudge them back with all-natural Nudges Dog treats that are delicious and perfectly grilled.

Each treat starts with real USA sourced chicken or beef so you can feel good about giving them to your dog.

Nudges natural dog treats are made with all-natural sliced beef and protein.

These treats are marinated and slowly cooked for a mouth-watering treat that your dog will simply love.

Inspired by the foods you love, many varieties of nudges treats also include real fruit and healthy grains and vegetables for tastes that your four-legged friends will love.

The Nudge’s all-natural dog treats are tender and are inspired by the mouth-watering taste, aroma, and texture of perfectly grilled foods.

Nudges treats are made with natural and pure ingredients with no wheat, corn, or soy, no animal by-products, no artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors; these are an excellent way to delight your dog.

Nudge treats come in two sizes; a 16-ounce package and a 36-ounce package.

These tender treats are made with superior-quality ingredients and with great care, which you can easily trust.

Pros & Benefits:

  • No preservatives, artificial flavor, or colors are used
  • Made in the USA, with American beef as the first ingredient
  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Ideal for large dog breeds
  • No animal by-products are used

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10. Hillside Farms Duck Jerky

Hillside Farms Duck Jerky (32 oz.)
  • FREE FROM FILLERS: All of our protein-packed treats are free from grain, soy, and corn. Your pup can savor the...
  • LIMITED INGREDIENTS: Treats with limited ingredients decrease the likelihood of allergic reactions for dogs with...
  • LOVED BY DOGS OF ALL SIZES: Dogs of all sizes and breeds can enjoy our tasty treats. Easy-to-break jerky can be...
  • SWEET REWARD: Dehydrated to lock in flavor and nutrients, our high fiber jerky is the perfect healthy training...

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Hillside Farms Duck jerky is an ideal alternative to bones and rawhide; your dog will get a chewy texture and that too, without the fear of choking.

The technique of oven drying wholesome duck breast is used that intensifies their delicious flavor – so your pet will love the flavor and beg for more.

These treats are free from artificial flavors, colors, and fillers.

These jerky dog treats will make a great addition to your dog’s balanced diet.

Duck-jerky treatment is an ideal option for dogs of all sizes and breeds as they are easy-to-break and customized into small pieces for smaller pets and full-sized for large four-legged friends.

The bag recommends that small dogs have just a single piece per day, but you can easily cut the strips to make them go further.

All of the treats are protein-packed and are free from soy, grain, and corn.

Treats are made with limited ingredients, which decrease the likelihood of food sensitivities and allergic reactions for dogs with allergies.

Dogs of all sizes, i.e., small, medium, and large, can be fed with these treats without guilt.

Pros & Benefits:

  • An ideal alternative to bones
  • Perfect taste for dogs of all sizes and breeds
  • Free of soy, grain, and corn
  • No artificial colors, preservatives, and fillers are used
  • Decreases the chances of allergies in dogs

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Dog Treats Buying Guide

Before buying these treats to feed your dog with, you must be careful about certain things, so that they don’t harm the dog, therefore you have to consider the following things.

Stick To The “10% Rule”

Treats and snacks should not be more than 10% of a dog’s daily calories and feed.

Treats are a good option to reward the pup with, but they shouldn’t interfere with their normal daily diet.

You can ask your vet to get an idea of how many treats are ideal for your dog.

They can recommend based on the treats the dog likes, his weight, his breed, and how active he is.

Avoid Hard Or Sharp Treats

The treats must be easy to chew and digest.

Always try to avoid giving the dog anything sharp or hard that may puncture its gums or skin.

Hard or sharp treats can create many health and dental problems for humans’ four-legged friends.

Buy Breed Size Appropriate Treats

If a dog is small, it’s probably good to not buy large treats that may be difficult for them to chew.

Similarly, if the dog is large, giving small treats meant for small dogs may not be a good option.

So, buy accordingly.

Carefully Read The Ingredient List

Great care must be taken while reading the ingredient list of every product.

This is particularly important if your pup needs special dog food for allergies or has a sensitive stomach.

Things You Should Avoid

The dog’s treats should be easy for them to chew.

Try to skip anything hard, like antlers, bones, or hooves.

Also, dogs shouldn’t be given treats, which include sugar or sugary substances.

Buy The Vet Recommended Treat

Before buying any treatment for your dog, first, consult your vet and take his/her opinion, only then buy a treat for your dog.

Recommendation from the vet is important to choose the treatment which best suits your dog.

Above all, sticking to simple ingredients is recommended.

If the ingredients you’re reading are hard to understand, it may be better to look at other options available.

Final Thoughts

Sugar free dog treats are a superb option for training a dog or to feed them; this boosts the energy of dogs and makes them active.

Though these treats are healthy, i.e., free from wheat, gluten, soy, and corn, even then, they must be given in an appropriate amount, so they don’t adversely affect a pet’s health.

There are multiple varieties of dog treats available in the market; you just need to choose the specific one your dog prefers the most.

Not all dog treats are the same, so don’t just pick the first treat you see on the shelf of a shop with a cute pup on the packaging.

Do thorough research on the manufacturer, ingredients, and reviews, select the one based on your pup’s needs, and consult with your veterinarian before purchasing and feeding treats to your dog.

You must also read a treat’s ingredient list to determine whether that treatment is made of meat and whether the meat is real or artificially made.

You can use the ingredient list to determine whether a treatment is low in fat, gluten-free, or whether it contains sugar or not.

While reading these lists, be sure to keep an eye on any warnings or disclaimers, also, it’s beneficial to take note of the breeds that the treatment is meant for.

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