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10 Best Dog Food Measuring Cups and Their Reviews

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If your dog is on a measured diet, then you should employ the use of some dog food measuring cups.

You need to be sure, that you’re giving him the right amount of food daily, while also fulfilling his nutritional requirements.

The fact is; whilst you might be taking your dog on regular walks, keeping him active most of the time, and feeding him good quality food if, you do not pay heed to portion size, your dog might end up being a fat guy, with serious health problems.

Thus, as a responsible dog owner, your task is, not only to keep a strict check on the quality of meals, and treats that your dog has daily, but also on how much food he is consuming.

So a pretty easy solution, to easily monitor your dog’s daily portions with precision is, to invest in a good, quality, dog food measuring cup!

We know what you might be thinking right now; not all measuring cups are entirely accurate, and that’s why I haven’t invested in buying one for my pup!

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10 Best Dog Food Measuring Cups Reviewed

Well, folks, now you can swoop all your excuses out the window as we’re here with our list, of the top 10 dog food measuring cups, to help you make the right purchase.

1. Super Design Melamine Measuring Food Scoop

Super Design SUPERDESIGN Food Scoop Dog Cat Food Scoop Ice Scoop Flour scoop Candy scoops Dry...
  • Measure and manage food proportions exactly for your pet
  • Long Ergonomic Handle - Longer rounded handle make it comfortable and easy to get food out of large food bags or...
  • Thick and Sturdy - Made of Food-Grade harmless melamine, hefty and sturdy, not worried about bending, breaking or...
  • Easy to Clean and Store- Dishwasher safe, easy to hang it up since there is a little hole in handle
  • Vibrant Color and Adorable Shape - High gloss(which can't be seen in other plastic scoops) and cute, easy to catch...

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You’ve got the best dog, and you’ve got him the best food.

You also know best, the exact amount of food he needs but, how can you measure with accuracy when you don’t have the best measuring cup at hand?

Here’s when we step in with our best pick, to show you first; the incredibly unique ‘Super Design Melamine Measuring Food Scoops’.

If you want something comfortable in use and quite sturdy, you should consider buying this item.

These cups from Super SD Pets will finally let you measure your dog’s portions with accuracy, so you don’t have to fret over feeding him the right amount of food.

Made with food-grade melamine, these pretty little measuring scoops are non-toxic, and safe to be used to feed your dog.

The handle is long, doesn’t bend easily, and has a slight indentation for your thumb to nicely fit, so you can scoop and measure with incredible ease.

The pretty colors of these deep diameter measuring cups aren’t there to deceive you, for their sturdiness and resistance to distortion, doubles their efficiency.

And yes, don’t leave these cuties on the counter and add to its clutter; make fair use of the holes in their handles for easy hanging!

‘Super Design Melamine Food Measuring Scoop’ is easy to clean and easy to wash with the added benefit of being dishwasher safe.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Accurately measure to your satisfaction
  • A long melamine handle makes it convenient to scoop your dog’s food out of big bags
  • Food Grade, BPA free manufacturing makes it a super safe, non-toxic product
  • Don’t easily distort and melt if left in the heat
  • Pretty colors make your measurements fun

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2. HINMAY Pet Food Scoops Plastic Measuring Cups

HINMAY Pet Food Scoops Plastic Measuring Cups Set for Dog Cat and Bird Food (Random Color)
  • Made of ABS food grade level material, safe for pets.
  • Includes 4 clearly marked spoons in standard measuring sizes (1 C, 1/2 C, 1/3 C, 1/4 C).
  • Use for measuring pet food portions (dog, cat, bird, etc.) or even ingredients while cooking or baking.
  • Can be used for dry or liquid measurements. Flat base allows it to lay upright.
  • The cups can be detached from the connector for easy use, cleaning and storage; Dishwasher safe.

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This product is perfect if you are looking for scoops with assorted, and accurate measurements.

These plastic measuring cups from Himi will appeal to you so much, that you won’t resist buying them.

The markings on each of these plastic spoons are clear and readable.

The set comprises cups with standard measuring sizes, that include 1 cup, ½ cup, ⅓ cup, and ¼ cup, which are all precise.

The ABS food grade-level material makes it a safe pick for your dog; guaranteeing hygiene and health.

Scoop it out and put these cups on the counter, without fear of spilling your dog’s food all over the kitchen floor, as the flat base adds to their efficient use.

Given the multiple color range, these cute scoops are attractive, and a great choice for all dog owners, concerned about keeping their pet’s weight in check, by avoiding overfeeding.

As long as you are mindful, of keeping these ‘Himi Pet Food Scoops’ away from sharp objects, you can be happy with their endurance and good quality.

Requiring a thorough scrub after first-time use, these cups are otherwise easy to wash, and dishwasher safe.

They come with a connector, that keeps them together, and from which they can easily be detached for use.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Give precise measurements
  • Not of any harm for pets
  • Can be used for both dry and wet food
  • Flat base prevents spill
  • The colors are cute and enjoyable

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3. No products found.

If you’re someone, not with one dog, but two or more, with different caloric requirements and recommended portions, this product from Petfactors would definitely be your ultimate savior.

Giving you the freedom to choose the correct cup size for your little bud or senior, these five-set plastic cups, allow you to measure with precision, so that you can be confident in feeding your pet the right amount of food.

With measuring sizes that include 1 cup, ½ cup, ¼ cup, ⅓ cup, and ¾ cup, these decent-looking plastic scoops are easy to use and durable enough, to leave you satisfied (go a little gentle with their handling if you want them to last longer).

The material is sturdy and of food-grade level, which makes these cups non-toxic and a safe choice for your dog.

The labels are clear and helpful, and a flat base allows them to stay upright.

There’s no need to think twice over washing them; give them a quick wash by hand, or simply pop them in the dishwasher.

To avoid losing these precious little thingies, be sure to use the rubber plug to hook them together, or separate as needed.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Accurate measurements
  • Five sizes for you to choose from
  • Safe for pets as they are non-toxic
  • Easy to store
  • Can be used for dry and wet food

No products found.

4. Dexas Popware for Pets Collapsible KlipScoop

Dexas Popware for Pets Collapsible KlipScoop, 1 Cup Capacity, Gray/Pink
  • The KlipScoop is a smart solution for your pet's food portion control
  • This three in one tool is a measuring cup, food scooper and bag clip all in one!
  • This Klipscoop has a 1/2 capacity with a clip on the handle that fits neatly on a cat or dog food bag. Use the clip...
  • Simple care: dishwasher safe
  • Fully collapsible scoop to save space, and make it easy to pack in an RV, camping trips, on a boat or for travel

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If you are looking for a measuring cup that has something extra to it, then this ‘Klipscoop’ form Dexas Popware, would be a great option.

This measuring cup is a 3-in-1 utensil; scoop the food, measure it precisely, and after you’ve emptied it, you can collapse and use it as a fancy bag clip.

This collapsible scoop is ideal if you’re someone who travels often, or frequently goes on camping trips, as it will save space in your travel bag, and not be an annoying piece to carry.

Pick whatever color you want, because Dexas Popware gives you a variety to choose from; from fuchsia, green, and, pink, to grey, blue and purple, grab the one that you think is the most fun!

The sizes are varied too; depending on the nutritional requirements of your dog, you have the option to buy either a 1 cup, 2 cups, or ½ cup capacity KlipScoop.

These scoops are exclusively for dry pet food, but given their unique style, easy handling, and to the point measurements, you should consider buying them to keep your dog’s portions in control.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Light-weight for convenient use
  • Collapsible to save space
  • Precise measurement is just what you want
  • Ideal for traveling

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5. RYPET Pet Food Scoop

Rypet Pet Food Scoop Set of 5 - Measuring Cups and Spoons Set Plastic for Dog, Cat and Bird Food...
  • Made of ABS food grade level material, safe for pets.
  • Includes 5 clearly marked spoons in standard measuring sizes (1 C, 1/2 C, 1/3 C, 1/4 C, 1/8 C).
  • Use for measuring pet food portions (dog, cat, bird, etc.) or even ingredients while cooking or baking.
  • Can be used for dry or liquid measurements. Flat base allows it to lay upright.
  • Measuring cups can be held together by rubber plug or separated for easy use, cleaning and storage; Dishwasher...

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If you’re searching for a high-quality, long-lasting, food scoop for your dog’s kibble, RYPET is here with a good option.

Their set of measuring spoons is perfect to fit your needs; allowing you to choose the right standard measuring size for your dog, apart from being ideal for scooping out other ingredients.

RYPET food scoops consist of ABS material, that makes them non-toxic and safe for your dog.

This material is also sturdy and long-lasting, so you can happily invest in them and be satisfied with your purchase.

The bright, delightful colors of these cups make scooping easier and more fun.

With a flat base that aids in keeping them erect, RYPET’s food scoops are sturdy enough not to bend underweight or break to leave you upset.

You can either choose to keep them together by the rubber plug that comes with them, or hang these separately in the cupboard, for the little holes in their handles aid in convenient storage.

Be sure to try these scoops from RYPET, for they are a high-quality product that is easy to use, easy to store, easy to clean, and reliable to have!

You can choose whichever scoop you want, from this cute and colorful set of five, to accurately measure your dog’s food, and keep a check on the exact amount of food he has daily.

Given all the benefits that these come with, we will highly recommend that you try out this item from our list!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Clearly labeled measurements ( in ml and cups)
  • Accurate to your satisfaction
  • Dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • Safe for your pet
  • Durable, long-lasting material makes it worth spending on

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6. PetOps Set of Five Pet Food Measuring Scoops

PetOps Set of Five Pet Food Measuring Scoops (Stainless Steel)
  • Help Prevent OBESITY, DIARRHEA and MORE which can be caused from overfeeding.
  • BPA free, safe for pets.
  • Includes 5 relatively Thick Stainless Steel measuring scoops (1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/8 cup)
  • Can be used for measuring dry and liquid content.
  • Easy to Clean and Reuse

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If the sets of plastic measuring cups out there don’t quite appeal to you, these scoops from PetOps can turn out to be an ideal choice.

The material of this utensil is pet safe considering that it is BPA free, and the steel is thick, stainless, and easy to wash.

The set includes five measuring scoops of different sizes, with standard measurements that include 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/4 cup, 1/8 cup; all flexible, to fit the daily nutritional requirements of whatever sized dog you have.

As per your choice, you can customize these to take liquid measurements, as the cups also have engraved ml markings, that is clear and readable.

If you want scoops of high quality, with great strength and bending resistance, and which are accurate for measurements, then these ‘PetOps Food Measuring Scoops’ should definitely make it to your shopping list.

These cups are kept together by a metal ring for your convenience, and you can easily take out the size you want whenever you need to.

The colorful handles make these cups very cute to look at, and adds a golden star to their unique features!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Take accurate measurements with no fear of overfeeding your dog
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe for your ease
  • Engraved markings that are easy for you to read
  • Very sturdy and stable for long-time usage

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7. Yuejing Pet Food Scoop

Pet Food Scoop, Dog Food Cups, Plastic Food Scoop with Measuring Lines, (Includes 1 C, 3/4 C, 1/2 C,...
  • 【Food Measuring Cups】 Includes 4 clearly marked spoons in standard measuring sizes (1 C, 3/4 C, 1/2 C, 1/4 C).
  • 【4 In 1 Pet Food Spoon】 You can slide the disc up and down to choose the right capacity according to your...
  • 【Easy To Clean】The flexible scoop is easy to clean, dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after feeding provides...
  • 【Suitable】 This measuring cups and spoons set suitable for all kinds of solid particles (slightly larger) for...
  • 【Easy To Use】 Kitchen Measuring cups plastic is made of food grade level material, these cooking measuring cups...

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So your pup’s overweight, and you are considering monitoring his daily intake strictly.

For that, you’ll need a measuring cup that is accurate, convenient to use, and worth an investment.

In that regard, ‘Yuejing’s Pet Food Scoop’ is sure to do wonders for you.

This product’s uniqueness is its sliding disc that is movable; up and down, to measure the exact amount of food you need for your pet.

A sturdy handle makes it amazingly easy to handle, and scoop out the right quantity of food.

The material is sturdy and long-lasting, apart from being of food grade level, which makes it a safe-to-be-used utensil.

This dishwasher safe product from Yuejing is elementary to clean, even if you choose to do so by hand.

Made suitable for all kinds of dry and solid material, you might have to reconsider measuring powdered or liquid food with this, as that might not be a friendly choice for this product.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Easy to handle
  • Safe for pets
  • Accurate measurements
  • Dishwasher safe

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8. PetFusion Digital Food Scale & Scoop

PetFusion Digital Food Scale & Scoop for Dry Dog Food & Cat Food (1, 2 Cup). Precision Dog Food...
  • PRECISION MEASUREMENT: (i) U. S. / Metric / Weight / Volume. (ii) Like digital kitchen scales for us, weight...
  • SCOOP & MEASURE STRAIGHT FROM THE FOOD BAG: (i) Super convenient, nimble scoop & scale in 1. (ii) Scoop with the...
  • IMPROVE YOUR PET'S WELLNESS: (i) Better nutrition. (ii) Better weight control for a slimmer, more active dog or...
  • INTUITIVE HAND HELD DESIGN: (i) Easy to use, portable for at home or on the go use. (ii) Measure food, water or...
  • WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW: (i) Includes 2 Batteries for extra convenience. (ii) Anti-slip traction. (iii) Super easy to...

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If you’re a dog owner struggling to get your dog’s weight under control, you are probably in search of a measuring cup that is accurate, to the nth value.

So, here we present to you, ‘PetFusion’s Digital Food Scale and Scoop’, which has a digital measurement system, perfect for keeping your dog’s food portions in check.

This product comes with a cup, clicked and fixed on top of a scale, both of which can help you scoop out kibble and measure it with accuracy.

You can always remove the measuring cup and wash it with ease, or even use it separately as a scoop, as this 2-in-1 item is ideal for daily use plus travel.

This product, made from a food-grade ABS material, is also eco friendly and durable.

Whether you want to weigh powdered items, kibble, or liquids, you will find this product at your service.

What’s more?

It has the flexibility to measure food in milliliters, teaspoons, fluid ounces, and grams.

‘PetFusion’s Digital Food Scale’ is battery operated; it comes with two batteries, which you can instantly install after purchasing the product, and enjoy its convenient use.

An added benefit of this digital device is, that it can detect the weight of ingredients in the measuring cup, whether you fix it on the scale or not!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Accurate measurement
  • Perfect to control your pet’s portion size and fitness
  • Limit food waste
  • Easy to clean as the cup/scoop is detachable and dishwasher safe
  • Ideal for home usage and travel

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9. Kytely Airtight Pet Food Storage with Measuring Cup

Kytely Pet Dog Food Storage Container Small, Airtight Cat Food Container with Measuring Cup, 4 Seal...
  • ★【SMALL & PRACTICAL CAPACITY】- The capacity of our container is 3L which can hold about 3.5 lbs dog food or...
  • ★【WIDE APPLICATION】- Our cat food container works very well for regular food also, like flour, rice, nuts,...
  • ★【EASY POURING】- Large pour spout opening and measuring cup design provide a happy pouring feeling, making...
  • ★【AIRTIGHT DESIGN】- The airtight design dog food container have 2 silicone seals and with 4 buckles on the...
  • ★【GROOVE BOTTLE DESIGN】- Container bottle adopt groove design for easy to grasp when using it. All design...

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If you’re an owner of a small cute little dog, then we suggest you consider buying this product.

Made of high quality, lead-free, food-grade material, this product is made to last longer than you would expect it to, and has impressive sturdiness.

For those folks who want extra convenience, ‘Kytely’s Airtight Pet Food Storage’ comes with a perfect, airtight, plastic container to store food and a small measuring cup, that is ideal for scooping and pouring your little bud’s kibble.

Now, you can stop being worried about feeding your hungry pet during travels, as the measuring cup can be used as a bowl too, and can provide your dog with the right amount of fresh food on the spot.

The cup has a twist type lock, that can be twisted on and fixed on the container, to maintain the freshness of your dog’s food.

Our focus here is on the measuring cup only and not the container that comes with it, however, the latter is way more satisfying than you can imagine!

Pros & Benefits:

  • Perfectly safe to be used by you and your pet
  • Ideal for small pets
  • 2-in-1 use; measure and use as a bowl
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Portable and fit to be used for travel

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

10. Pet Studio Stainless Steel Matte Finish Pet Scoops

Pet Studio Stainless Steel Matte Finish Pet Scoops — Convenient Scoops for Dry Dog and Cat Food -...
  • These scoops make it easy to serve dry food to your pets
  • Made of high quality stainless steel that is easy to clean and resists bacteria
  • 5½" scoop holds up to 12 oz (1.5 cups) of dry kibble or seed
  • Features a matte finish

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Here we are with another pick for dog owners, who prefer steel over plastic.

‘Stainless Steel Matte Finish Pet Scoop’ from Pet Studio is so convenient to use, that you’ll be glad you bought it.

This high quality steel scoop has the capacity to measure 1.5 cups of dry dog kibble, which should be ideal if, your dog’s feeding requirements comply with this amount.

Being lightweight and sturdy, this scoop is easy to use, easy to wash, and easy to store; without any chance of becoming contaminated by harmful bacteria.

This scoop is sure to impress you with its matte finish, ideal shape, perfect size, and ease with which it does its job.

We’re positive, that you’ll go running to buy another one if, this one EVER gives in.

Have a go at it, and this little purchase will surely exceed your expectations.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Keep it in the kibble container and scoop it out with ease
  • Doesn’t absorb smell if left in the container or food bag
  • Ideal size and weight
  • No-spill

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How Much Should I Feed My Bud?

You might’ve already decided on the measuring cup that you want to get, but the problem is; what’s the deal in buying one when you aren’t even sure about the quantity of food, you should be feeding your dog?

The truth is you are not alone in facing this problem, as several dog owners out there are wrapped up in confusion when it comes to chunking their dog’s meals, and are troubled by their pet’s health issues.

So, how can you determine your dog’s portion size accurately, without underfeeding him or otherwise making him obese?

It is wise to consider the fact that your dog’s feeding time and portion size, depends upon his activity levels, weight, age, height, breed type, and health conditions.

Here, the best, and most convenient choice, would be to consult your dog’s veterinarian and ask him, to guide you through your dog’s caloric requirements (based on the factors mentioned above).

Once the feeding size is determined, you can happily consider more than half of the work as already done!

Now all you have to do is, to fix your dog’s feeding time and measure his meals (in the recommended quantity), with any of the precise measuring cups, from our list of “10 Best Dog Food Measuring Cups”!

Not sure about meal timings?

Popular opinion believes, that you should feed your dog twice in a day; in the morning and the evening, however, if you have a two to a four-month-old pup, you might have to feed him more frequently.

So, for example, your dog has been suggested daily intake of 1 ½ cup of food, you can break that down into two equal portions, to feed your dog at his scheduled mealtimes.

There you have it; super easy!

Pick it Quick!

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve got our list of “10 Best Dog Food Measuring Cups and Their Reviews for 2021” at hand, which cup do you prefer the most?

We’re positive that we’ve helped you out, by narrowing down your search for the best dog food measuring cups out there, so you can pick at one, with confidence, and be happy with your purchase!

Remember to be quick with your decision, for feeding your dog the wrong amount of food daily, might have detrimental effects on his overall health and fitness levels.

While we do believe that measuring portions, be it for humans or dogs, is not the only way to maintain a good shape, we are confident in claiming that it is one of the most crucial steps to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

If you are still unsure, take your time in going through the list we have compiled, while considering the features and benefits of each utensil, to finally take the decision which, we’re sure, you’ll never regret!

Have a good time shopping, and remember to tell us about your experience, in the comments section below.

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