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My Dog Is Allergic To Dust Mites: Causes, Symptoms & Cures

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Tim Rhodes

Is your dog allergic to dust mites?

Dust mite allergy is the most common and known allergy for dogs and human beings.

It is because you can easily find them living in furniture, carpets, and beddings.

The dust mites’ reaction comes after the dust mite releases a specific protein type.

However, the good thing is that they are very tiny that you can’t see them with the naked eye, not unless you use a microscope.

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My Dog Is Allergic To Dust Mites

Even your dog can quickly get allergies from fleas, foods, and many other different types of allergens, which generally cause very severe reactions.

Therefore, we will help you with some tips for your loved ones.

What is Dust Mite?

What most people don’t understand is that those small and tiny creatures that look like spiders in our homes are the ones that cause the dust mite allergy.

It’s not usually easy getting rid of them; all you need to do is a thorough clean up at home to make sure that you get rid of the dust completely.

If your dog gets the dust mite allergy, you will start seeing a few symptoms which might lead to severe reactions to the dog, in that it will experience difficulty in breathing.

Once you notice this, you immediately need to seek medical attention from the dog’s expert so that you avoid getting more health issues to the dog.

Dogs are vital creatures in our homes; therefore, we need to take care of them the right way to continue having a healthy life even as they stay in our homes.

This article will discuss and know the causes, symptoms, and treatment given to the dog to get the dust mite allergy.

Let’s get started.

1. Life Cycle And Biology Of The Dust Mites

We need first to understand the dust mites’ life cycle before we embark on our discussion topic.

The dust mite adult female can lay eggs ranging from 40 to a maximum of 80 eggs, and the cycle starts.

Larva forms immediately after the dust mite hatches eggs, then after that, you will notice a creature with eight legs in the nymph stage.

When the cycle goes for the second time in the nymph stage, you can see a dust mite in the adult stage with all eight legs.

The whole process takes at least one month, but the adult dust mite should stay for another month or more to mature completely after getting to the adult stage.

Dust mites usually feed on human dead skin and from other animals, but you should also not forget that they get nutrients from food too like cereals and fungi.

Dust mites like habiting in places that are warm and can hide there for quite some time, and that’s why vet doctors recommend that you air out your beddings as frequently as possible.

As humans, we tend to get rid of skin scales from our bodies daily, and this is where the dust mite feed on to continue its habitation.

In summary, the life cycle for dust mites takes approximately one month to get to the adult stage, but after that, it can also stay an extra month or more.

What do you think about the biology and life cycle of the dust mite?

It happens quite first; thus, we must have control measures to avoid having them in our homes and places where the dogs stay.

What do you think about this?

We are just starting on the subject matter, keep reading.

2. How To Identify Dust Mites

The most surprising thing is that you can’t see dust mites with your naked eyes, not unless you use a microscope to see through them.

They are so tiny, and that’s why you can’t see them when it comes to their bodies; they are usually translucent.

When you view it from the microscope, you can see the dust mite to be oval with hairs extending to the rest of the body.

As we said earlier, dust mites have eight legs, but it’s important to note that dust mites don’t have eyes or antennae, but you can see the mouth in the head part.

You might be asking why it’s crucial to know or identify the dust mites, but it’s because if you already know how it looks and you happen to see it in your house, I’m sure you will take precautions.

If you have been experiencing allergies or your dog is experiencing some allergies in recent times, you will be able to diagnose or have an idea of what’s happening.

You see the dust mites immediately, and you need to ensure that all your beddings and carpets are aired out on a sunny day to enable the dust mites to get off the linens.

In other words, once you identify dust mites to be in your home, you should already know how to handle the issue.

Also, your dog should be taken to the vet doctor, and don’t forget to mention to the vet that you found dust mites at home.

By doing so, a diagnosis will be made quickly without a problem, and the vet will choose the treatment correctly.

3. Signs And Symptoms Of Dust Mite Allergies Found In Dogs

We have many signs and symptoms that occur on the dogs that vary, but what is important is that once you notice the below symptoms, ensure that you get advice from the dog’s experts to start immediately.

These symptoms usually vary, and others generally cannot quickly know that your dog is allergic to dust mites.

It’s only the experts who can see the symptoms and later diagnose them and give the dog a better treatment, no other person.

You can easily misdiagnose dust mite allergies because the signs and symptoms are the same as other dogs’ conditions.

When the dog scratches itself in excess, you might think it’s a healthy thing, like maybe getting flea infestations, and you will ignore the sign.

Too much scratching will lead to the dog getting bald spots seen on the body.

If you happen to see this, make sure you visit the vet doctor for further consultations.

Signs And Symptoms

  • Red, watery eyes
  • A runny nose
  • Excess licking
  • Sneezing
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Hives
  • Spots arising from scratching

Types Of Dogs That Frequently Get Dust Mite Allergies

There is no doubt that all dogs can get dust mite allergies, but there are factors that make these types of dogs get prone to dust mite allergies.

For example, an environment where you keep your dog and the type of food your dog eats can also be something you need to consider.

Dogs that are more than three months old are usually prone to getting dust mites allergies, but it doesn’t mean that we don’t have treatment for the allergies.

Below are the types of dogs that will mostly experience allergies from dust mites.

  • Bulldogs
  • German Shepherds
  • Setters
  • Dogs that are more than three months old

4. What Causes Dust Mites Allergies Found in Dogs

You might think that the usual dust causes dust mite allergy, but that’s not the case as it’s caused by a protein released by the dust mite, whether dead or alive.

It’s common knowledge that at least each home has dust mites because most people have carpets and curtains.

Remember, dust mites like warm places, and you can see that’s why you find them in beddings.

As discussed earlier, dust mite and their dead body part cause dust mite allergies.

Therefore, if you do not want your dog to have dust mite allergies, you need to clear up everything and do a thorough cleanup.

Even if the dust mite is dead and the dog comes into contact, it automatically gets the dust mite allergies.

If your dog gets difficulty breathing when outdoors, you need to seek medical advice from experts.

It’s important to note that dust mites are generally not harmful, but if the dog continues to get direct exposure to the dust mite dead bodies, it will start to experience dust mite allergies.

It’s not easy for you to avoid dust mite allergies from getting your dog because dogs are generally prone to getting allergies, especially after three months of age.

All you need to do is be observant to see any signs and symptoms coming up and curb them before they cause serious problems.

Always seek advice from the dog’s experts to get the right recommendations in treatment and prevention.

Well, let continue to get more insights regarding the causes and treatment of dust mite allergies.

5. How To Make A Diagnosis

It might not be easy to diagnose your dog with dust mite allergies because the symptoms are more or less the same as the general ones, which you can assume.

But when you can notice the signs and symptoms of the dust mite allergy early, you get to see a vet doctor but be prepared to be asked a few questions to aid in the diagnosis.

The vet doctor will perform a physical exam on the dog just the same way doctors do a physical exam on human beings.

It’s essential to get more signs to enable you to conclude that it’s an allergy to dust mites.

If the doctor suggests sending your dog to the laboratory, the vet doctor will take a sample to ascertain if it’s a dust mite allergy.

Intradermal Allergy Test

We tend to visit dermatologists to see if the dog is suffering from dust mist allergy for any allergies that occur on the skin.

You do the procedure on the side part of the dog where the vet doctor clears hairs and injects the dog with some low amounts of allergens to help ascertain whether it’s the allergy.

You should not be worried when you see your dog lying down helplessly because the sedation takes only a few minutes, and the vet doctor finishes the procedure.

Serum Allergy Testing

You do the serum allergy testing when you realize that your dog itches and scratches itself so much.

You need to go for a serum allergy test, which will also help you know if the dog has a dust mite allergy not.

A blood sample is taken from the dog and then taken for further testing to see whether it will give reactions or signs of dust mist allergies.

If your dog gets the right diagnosis, be sure that it will get the proper treatment.

6. How To Treat Dust Mist Allergies

After going through the tests and the vet doctor confirms that it’s indeed dust mite allergies your dog is suffering from, you will get good recommendations.

In normal circumstances, allergies are treated by antihistamines in humans and topical applications.

But this is not different from dogs because you can manage them in the same manner.

An antihistamine will reduce the scratching urge and inflammation, whereas topical applications help heal the skin after the scratching scenarios.

You can also choose to use a shampoo that is not allergic to your dog to heal the skin well without further damage.

It would be best if you didn’t forget to give your dog some antibiotics to treat the infection completely and prevent it from coming reoccurring.

7. Immunotherapy Shots

Immunotherapy shots are those that are similar to the ones that human beings use apart from the dogs.

The treatment works well, but it’s for sure that it takes a longer time than the other medications.

The most frustrating part is that sometimes it might fail to work ultimately.

It usually helps make your dog sensitive to dust mites but ensure you be keen on your dog to see whether it will start experiencing severe reactions.

By so doing, you will get the right medications to counter react the immunotherapy shots medication.

Have you ever tried using immunotherapy shots medication?

How long did it last until you started to see changes in your dog?

The kind of treatment your dog will get solely depends on the vet doctor’s recommendations, you can’t start by giving your dog the immunology shots, and maybe the dust mist allergy on your dog is critical.

It needs to be treated urgently with an antihistamine to relieve some itching and inflammation on the dog before looking for other long-term solutions.

8. Relieving Dust Mite Allergy On Dogs

I’m sure you don’t want to get a reoccurrence of the allergy to your dog, so what are you supposed to do as a person?

It would be best if you always made it a priority to air out your beddings, carpets, and the rest to avoid harboring dust mites in our homes, and in return, dust mist allergies will be past tense.

Ensure there is enough sunlight to air them out so that they remain clean without dust mites hiding.

Do you have a vacuum cleaner in your house?

It’s a vital machine to own in that it helps in clearing everything, including the dust mite body parts, which might be present at that particular time.

As discussed earlier, dust mite body parts can also cause severe dust mite allergies, so getting rid of them is vital, and the vacuum cleaner will do this best.

You can choose to vacuum every day or select specific days that you will want to clean the fabrics.

But if you’re going to be on the safe side, ensure you vacuum so that you prevent your dog from getting dust mite allergies often.

They say cleanliness is next to godliness, and this is a faithful saying because if you keep yourself clean, you avoid getting or contracting many diseases.

The same applies to dogs because, to keep dust mite allergy away, you need to clean it with a shampoo that is not allergic to it to be clean and keep away dust mites.

It’s because dogs get the dust mite allergens through their skin, and that is why vet doctors will always recommend that you bathe your dog on alternate days.

When it comes to beddings, you must wash them using hot water to eliminate the dust mites that might be in hiding.

9. What Can Make Your Dog’s Symptoms Worse

If you don’t want your dog to have severe symptoms that might worsen your dog’s health, you need to do away with dust mites completely.

Failure to do so will make the symptoms even worse than you thought; some ways can make the symptoms worse as stated below.

For example, if your home’s ventilation is not proper, then your dog will be at risk of getting the dust mite’s severe reactions.

In an environment with high humidity, dust mites like staying and hiding in warm places, and high moisture ensure you air our beddings every day.

When you shake the beddings or carpets near the dog that has dust mite allergies, you will not be doing justice but rather making its symptoms even worse.

Remember, dogs like staying indoors and lying down on their mattresses.

So if you don’t get dust mite free, it might lead to the symptoms getting to worse levels, which may endanger your dog.

It’s essential to care for the dog in our homes to be affected by the dust mite allergies, making it uncomfortable.

Like human beings, dogs too pass through similar symptoms, which causes inflammation and difficulty in breathing.

It would be best if you dealt with this as soon as possible.

Ensure you have a vet doctor available for any consultations to get good recommendations for your dog in terms of treatment.

How Is It So Far

I believe we are together to this point; it’s essential to be informed to avoid such problems from occurring.

You realize that both dogs and human beings get allergic reactions after getting into contact with dust mites’ body parts in our homes, and treatment is also more or the same to both.

It’s important to note that dust mites can’t harm your dog.

They cause reactions that need to be attended to by the vet doctor to ascertain whether it’s the dust mite allergy.

Be sure you can distinguish general signs and symptoms from the dust mite signs because they are similar to some extent, thus hard to diagnose the dust mist allergy.

Ensure you clean your dog on an alternate day with hypoallergic shampoo to keep it clean and keep away dust mites.

This will play along well, and you will get positive results.

Final Thoughts

Remember that you should not bathe the dog every day because its skin might turn out to be dry, which is not a good sign.

Before you give your dog any medications, you should first make a point of visiting the vet doctor to get the right medication for the dog.

After returning from the hospital, ensure you keep your home clean by vacuum cleaning the carpets and bedding at least daily to keep away dust mites.

Therefore, ensure you do this when there is enough sunlight outside.

We have discussed all that pertains dog allergic to dust mites allergies in this article, and I believe it will help you in making sure that your dog doesn’t get dust mite reactions.

But even if it gets the allergy, at least you know the signs and symptoms and also how you can treat it.

Don’t let your dog suffer while staring at it, and you will realize how easy it becomes when it comes to caring for the dog.

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