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10 Best Decorative Dog Food Storage Containers

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Need decorative dog food storage containers for your fur baby’s food?

As a dog parent, you probably love your pet so much that you tend to spoil them with toys, clothes and shoes, beds, and, most importantly, their favorite treats.

Speaking of treats, you’ll want something that will safely store them; after all, your pet loves them so much!

Finding a dog food container is not difficult since there are plenty of available options, but most of them are plain and boring, like bulky plastic containers that break easily.

A decorative dog food storage is a more practical purchase over plain and bulky plastic containers commonly found in local stores.

It will keep your dog’s favorite snacks safe without sacrificing the overall aesthetic or theme of your kitchen (or wherever else you’ll want to put it).

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10 Best Decorative Dog Food Storage Containers Reviewed

If you’re in the market for a beautiful dog food container that doubles as home decor, then look no further!

This list features some of the best decorative dog food storage containers you can grab, so let’s dive in!

1. Portmeirion Porcelain Dog Treat Jar

Portmeirion Home & Gifts WN4096-XL Dog Treat jar, Ceramic
  • Dimensions: 19cm/7.5"
  • Dishwasher, freezer & Microwave Safe
  • Fine Bone china
  • Wren dale Designs & Royal Worcester

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Portmeirion Home and Gifts is a brand adored for its good-quality porcelain items, and that includes this porcelain dog treat jar.

It features realistic, old-style illustrations of different dog breeds around it, making it perfect for every dog parent.

These portraits have muted colors printed over a white background.

This color palette will make the jar easily fit on your countertop, so you don’t have to worry about color matching.

The lid has a dog bone knob and gray accents, and they make the jar stand out more.

The container isn’t that big, but that’s okay.

It’s just the right size to put anywhere around the house, apart from the kitchen.

For example, you might consider putting the jar somewhere in your living room or bedroom for easy reach, so you won’t have to go to the kitchen every time your dog wants treats.

Its small size also means you’ll have to replace the contents more often than usual.

But at least you’ll know that each time you grab treats from the jar, they’re fresh and crunchy, thanks to its tight-fitting lid.

Your dog will love you for it.

Since it’s made of ceramic, the jar is very easy to clean and is dishwasher-safe, freezer-safe, and microwave-safe.

Also, the dog bone knob makes the lid easy to open.

Pros & Benefits:

  • The tight-fitting lid to keep food fresh
  • Portraits of different dog breeds make for a stylish design
  • Small size for easy carrying
  • Safe to use in a dishwasher, freezer, and microwave

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2. Pet Steel Red Polka Dot Decorative Canister with Bowl and Scoop

The PetSteel Dog Food Storage Container Set. Red Decorative Polka Dot Canister with Bowl & Scoop...
  • Beautiful Design: This modern, sturdy, red polka dot dog treat canister is for pet food storage provided with a...
  • Keeps Treats Fresh: Due to the airtight seal the treats will remain fresh and crispy for a long time in this red...
  • Stunning Decor: This unique modern decorative design will look gorgeous on your kitchen counter drawing compliments...
  • Vibrant Colors: This bright red dog treat jar will look stunning on your kitchen counter or wherever you want to...
  • Care Instructions: Handwash only to preserve fresh vibrant colors

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If Portmeirion’s jar has a more neutral tone, this canister set from Pet Steel is the complete opposite.

The full set comes with a dog food tin, a U-shaped scoop, and a bowl.

The canister comes in red with polka dots printed around it.

It also has the word “Woof” written in the middle, which will remind you that this cute container is dedicated to your fur baby’s food and nothing else.

The combination of dirty white polka dots on matte red will add a vibrant pop of color to your kitchen.

The canister’s design also has a vintage feel, which is perfect for those who want something nostalgic around them, or something that reminds them of the old days.

With this canister’s pretty design, gone are the days when you have to keep your dog’s food container hidden in a cabinet.

This canister is worth showing off.

The container has vast storage capacity and can fit 10 pounds of dog food, so you won’t have to refill it so frequently.

And thanks to the lid’s air-tight seal, the container will keep this massive volume of food fresh and crunchy.

Getting food from the canister is a piece of cake with the scoop, hanging on its side.

You can quickly transfer portions of the treats to the matching bowl.

The canister, along with its freebies, is made of galvanized iron and stainless steel.

It’s easy to clean, but the store only recommends washing by hand to maintain its color.

With proper care, this dog food container set will last for a long time, making it an efficient yet attractive item.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes with a bowl and scoop
  • Striking red color with classic polka dot design
  • Large storage capacity
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel

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3. Amici Pet Akita Canister Textured Metal Treat Storage Container with Raised Bones and Paws

Amici Pet Akita Canister, Textured Metal Treat Storage Container with Raised Bones and Paws, Aqua...
70 Reviews
Amici Pet Akita Canister, Textured Metal Treat Storage Container with Raised Bones and Paws, Aqua...
  • This wide metal canister is the larger of the two in the collection, and features an aqua blue distressed paint...
  • This metal storage canister has a white metal lid lined with a gasket and an arched metal handle in the center
  • With a capacity of 180 fluid ounces, this canister works great on your countertop or pantry
  • This storage canister measures 8 " L x 8 " W x 8" H
  • It is recommended that this canister be hand washed with care

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Another colorful decorative dog food storage makes it to the list in the form of the large Amici’s Pet Akita Canister.

The canister has a cool aqua blue color, and it’s embossed with paw prints and dog bones all around.

This unique design makes it stand out from the other containers.

It would also make an excellent prop for your dog’s next Instagram photo.

The lid is plain white with a curved handle, which is easy to grip and makes opening the canister so easy.

Given its large size, the canister might not fit in your cabinet and might need to stay on the kitchen counter, but rightfully so!

Why hide this adorable container?

Its bright color and cute embossing detail will earn compliments from everyone.

The large variant of this container can store over 11 pounds of dog food, a little more than Pet Steel’s red polka dot canister’s capacity.

If stored in this container, this massive amount of dog food will stay crispy and fresh thanks to the silicone gasket around the lid that can seal it shut but still easy to open.

Also, even if the canister accidentally tips over (though quite unlikely due to its size), the dog treats won’t spill out.

The metal material of Amici Pet’s canister makes it sturdy enough to handle a lot of weight and easy to clean as well.

Hand-wash with care to keep the canister’s vibrant aqua color and make it last a long time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Large storage capacity
  • Bright color and unique embossed pattern
  • Sturdy metal material

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4. Young’s Inc Ceramic Dog Treat Jar

Young's Inc. Large Pet Treat Jar with Lid - Perfect for Dog and Cat Treats - Ceramic Canister for...
  • TREAT JAR: Perfect for treats large and small, human and pet, our handcrafted canister keeps your countertop...
  • VERSITLE USE: This ceramic jar isn't just for your pets. You can use this jar for cookies, candies, cotton balls,...
  • HIGH-QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: We crafted our dog and cat treat jar with sturdy ceramic, so you can use it for years...
  • CHARMING GIFT IDEA: This treat jar makes a great gift for housewarmings, weddings, and birthdays. Delight friends...
  • YOUNG'S: We specialize in unique and beautifully crafted in-house designed home accents. Our affordable collection...

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This dog treat jar from Young’s Inc.

is a fantastic contender for your next dog food container purchase for several reasons.

Design-wise, the jar is relatively simple, so it can easily blend in with your other decor.

For example, one reviewer said that it fits right into their wine-themed dining area.

Who would’ve thought?

The lid has a curved handle with a paw print printed on it.

Also, at the top of the jar reads “Treats & Bribes,” so you know that it’s made explicitly for storing dog treats to treat your fur babies if they do something beautiful and bribe them into doing cool tricks.

There’s also a pun at the bottom that reads “Bone Appetit.”

If you’re into simple yet functional decor and also love humor, this jar is an excellent option for you.

Between all the black text on the jar, there’s a bone-shaped chalkboard where you can write your dog’s name.

The chalk doesn’t ship with this jar, though.

Nonetheless, this chalkboard is quite practical.

For example, say you have many dogs who have different favorite treats.

This label will help you quickly identify which jar contains whose treats.

And since chalk can be easily erased, you can change the jar’s label whenever you want.

You might want to write your dog’s complete name, nickname, or only “good doggy.”

Write whatever you want!

Build-wise, the jar is made of ceramic, so it’s effortless to clean.

This material is known to last a very long time (with proper care, of course!), so this jar will be a practical purchase.

A dog food container can be both pretty and functional, and this ceramic dog treat jar definitively proves that.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Chalkboard area for easy labeling
  • Easy-to-clean ceramic material
  • Monochromatic design that can fit in any area

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5. Arthur Court Dog Treat Jar Stylish Heavyweight Glass Container

Arthur Court Dog Treat Jar, Stylish Heavyweight Glass Container for Treats Biscuits Bone for Pet,...
  • Back by popular demand, Arthur Court’s Pet treat canisters make spoiling your fur baby extra special
  • Arthur Court’s new design for these favorite vintage inspired treat jars are works of glass, acacia wood and...
  • Hand-crafted, food and drink safe glass is lead free. Sealed lid keeps your treats or dry food fresh
  • Jars are dishwasher, microwave (without lid), and refrigerator safe.
  • The perfect gift for every dog and the person who loves it We are proud to stand behind our products

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Arthur Court Store offers a dog treat jar with a classic look that any dog parent will love.

The jar is made of a glass body with a vertical ribbed texture.

It has a wooden lid with an aluminum metal handle shaped like a dog sitting down as if it’s waiting for a treat.

The shape of the handle also makes it easy to hold.

These materials create a beautiful container with a stylish design that can fit any decor theme, whether modern or more classic.

The size is not too big but not too small either!

At 11 inches tall, this jar can handle just enough treats for your fur babies.

Thanks to the jar’s glass body, you can easily see if there are enough treats inside or if it needs a refill.

The glass material also makes the jar heavy, but it’s not easy to get knocked over.

It’ll stay standing upright unless you intentionally push it, of course.

The wooden lid looks like it just sits on top of the glass, but it’s very secure.

The cover is lined with a thin gasket just enough to seal the jar shut to keep treats crispy and yummy, but not tight enough, so it’s still easy to open.

The jar is easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, too.

If you’re looking for a clear decorative dog food container that’s not plastic, this is the best option you have.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Safe to use in a dishwasher, refrigerator, or microwave
  • Transparent jar to easily see its contents
  • Vintage, classic design

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6. Creative Co-op Vintage Tin Boston Terrier Dog Biscuit Container

Creative Co-Op Vintage Tin Dog Biscuit Container with Boston Terrier
  • This rustic metal container showcases a printed dog illustration and accompanying "dog biscuits" message in a...
  • Store dog toys and accessories, or line with a plastic bag and fill with dog treats
  • For decorative use only; Not food safe
  • Wipe clean with dry cloth; Made from 100% metal
  • 7.25 inches L x 6.25 inches W x 9 inches H

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If you’re into something more vintage retro, Creative Co-Op’s Vintage Tin has you covered.

It features a photo of a Boston Terrier with the phrase “dog biscuits” in all caps and some other random words.

The container has a very grungy finish, including the lid, that looks like it’s seen better days, but that’s what makes it stand out from other containers.

This worn-out look makes it a striking decor.

While it’s not dedicated explicitly for dog food storage, the tin has ample space inside that still makes it a great option to store in your dog’s favorite snacks.

Just make sure that you line the tin with a plastic bag!

Or, you can simply place the dog food in the bag inside the tin container.

That way, your kitchen area still looks pleasing to the eye.

The tin’s also easy to clean.

It would be best if you wiped it with a dry cloth.

The tin can have two handles on both sides, so it’s easy to carry if you ever need to move things around and redecorate.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Ample space inside can store a lot of treats
  • Side handles for easy carrying/moving
  • Retro design makes it a head-turner

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7. The Leonardo Collection Sweet Home Dog Food Storage

The Leonardo Collection Sweet Home Dog Food Storage Tin with Scoop, Cream
72 Reviews
The Leonardo Collection Sweet Home Dog Food Storage Tin with Scoop, Cream
  • Retro style dog food storage tin
  • Made of enamel
  • Handles to each side and the lid
  • Measures (Incl. Lid): 9.84 High x 7.25 Wide x 6.5 Deep (Inches) , Comes with a Scoop

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The Leonardo Collection’s dog food tin is perfect for people who want a functional decorative food container with a simple aesthetic.

This metal container has a smooth enamel finish and comes in a cream-white color.

Both sides have curved handles, so it’s easy to carry and move around.

The phrase “dog food” is written in all caps on the upper half of the tin while the lower half is plain but with ribbed design.

The text is printed with a hollow font style but still readable.

The lid has the same color as the tin and has a curved handle that’s easy to grip.

The dog food container also comes with a matching circular scoop that hangs neatly on a handle, so you can quickly transfer your dog’s treats onto their bowl.

And speaking of treats, the container can store lots of it.

This container has a big storage capacity that can fit six pounds of dog food, which can last your dog a week or two.

The design of this decorative dog food container is very simple relative to other containers.

But sometimes, less is more.

Thanks to its simple design, this dog food container can fit in many decor themes, like minimalism, retro, or vintage.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Large storage capacity
  • Side handles for easy carrying/moving
  • Comes with a scoop
  • Simple design that will fit anywhere

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8. Old Dutch 2-piece Jumbo Copper Canister

Old Dutch 2 Pc. Jumbo Copper Dog Bone Set 6 4¾ Qt. Pet Canister, 10.75Qt
  • Fresh seal technology to keep contents fresh
  • Provides countertop convenience; Ideal for storing your pet's snacks and dry food.
  • Durable stainless steel construction with a beautiful Copper finish
  • Sturdy "DOG bone" Knob makes the lids easy to remove
  • The largest Canister has a capacity of 6 qts, while the smaller Canister holds 4¾ qts

Last update on 2024-06-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Old Dutch offers a two-piece pet food canister that comes in a beautiful copper color, and it’s eye-catching for sure!

The canisters have a hammered texture all around, and it gives them a “worn-out” feel but still, looks elegant.

The words “I love my pet” are written in black across the middle of the body of the canister, with the “love” word replaced by a heart-shaped paw.

So cute!

The lid comes with a dog-bone handle for a comfortable grip and easy opening.

These containers are made of sturdy stainless steel.

With proper care, they’ll last you a long time.

The lid seals close with Old Dutch’s “fresh seal technology” to ensure that your dog’s treats don’t go mushy and stale.

Your pets will thank you for keeping their food fresh in these gorgeous canisters.

The small canister in this set can store a little less than 5 quarts.

The large one can store up to 6 quarts of dog food.

This two-piece canister set is practical decorative food storage that will light up your countertop while keeping your pets’ treats safe.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes as a set of two
  • Secure seal of the lid
  • Stunning copper color and unique hammered texture
  • Made of sturdy stainless steel

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9. Amici Pet Bentley White/Mint Metal Treats Canister

Amici Pet Bentley White/Mint 54 oz Metal Treats Canister, Single Container
  • This food safe metal storage Canister features a glossy white body with a gold metal label with raised lettering...
  • The oval shape and mint and gold accent colors make this Canister go well with most contemporary home decor styles
  • It's 54 ounce capacity and gasket lined lid keep your pet's favorite treats in a special place
  • This Canister measures 5 inches in length by 4 inches in width by 8.5 inches in Height
  • It is recommended that this Canister be hand washed

Last update on 2024-06-17 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Another product from Amici Pet makes it to this list: the Bentley White/Mint treats canister.

It has a white body with an embossed gold rectangle label in the middle where the word “Treats” is written.

The lid has a muted mint color that also comes with a gold accent: a dog paw knob that’s easy to grip.

It has an oval shape, which makes it different from others that come in the more common circular or rectangular shape.

This canister’s color palette is so aesthetically pleasing and makes it not just great decorative food storage; it will also look beautiful as a prop in your dog’s next photo.

This container is made of stainless steel, and its lid is lined with a gasket for a snug fit.

Your dog’s favorite snacks will stay crispy in this one, just like how your dog loves it.

In terms of size, this container is quite small and can only fit a little over 3 pounds worth of dog food.

However, its small size makes it easy to carry around the house.

You might place it somewhere more accessible, like the living room or your bedroom, so you can give your good dog his/her well-deserved treat without making a trip to the kitchen.

The canister is also easy to clean, just like the others.

Although, the store recommends wash by hand only to keep the colors and gold accents vibrant.

This treats canister has a pretty, modern, and Instagram-worthy design that will be a great addition to your countertop.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Lid’s air-tight fit
  • Gold accents that make it stand out
  • Modern design that will fit in anywhere

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10. Oggi Airtight Stainless Steel Pet Treat Canister

Oggi 8300 Stainless Steel Airtight Paws and Bones Pet Treat Canister
275 Reviews
Oggi 8300 Stainless Steel Airtight Paws and Bones Pet Treat Canister
  • Airtight lid with silicone gasket to help preserve stored food items
  • Capacity 130-ounces: size 8"x 8"
  • Satin finish with clear acrylic lids
  • Clear acrylic flip-top lid; locking clamp closure
  • Care and cleaning: wipe clean with a damp cloth

Last update on 2024-07-08 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

The last but not the least container for this list is Oggi’s Air-tight Pet Treat Canister.

It’s decorative food storage that emphasizes functionality.

The design is not as modern as the other entries on the list, but it’s still cute and adorable!

The canister has the word “treats” printed on the lower half of the lid and dog bones and paws in white, brown, and dark brown.

The canister is made of durable stainless steel while the lid is made of clear acrylic, so you can quickly peek inside and check if it’s full or needs a refill.

The lid is also very lightweight.

Even if the canister is empty, opening the lid to its maximum angle won’t make the canister tip over.

You’ll be able to quickly transfer your dog’s snacks from the bag to the container.

In terms of size, this container is so big that it can pack up to 8 ounces of dog food.

But even though it’s big, it’s still easy to clean because it’s lightweight.

You can choose to wash the canister by hand, but you can use the dishwasher too.

What makes it extra unique compared to its competitors is its clamp lock closure.

It is partnered with a silicone gasket around the lid.

This clamp closure seals the canister tight.

If anyone knocked on the canister on accident, there would be no mess at all.

The dog treats inside would stay safe and crunchy.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Clear lid to quickly peek inside the canister
  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Clamp lock in the top to secure contents
  • Dishwasher-safe

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

Final Thoughts

A dog food container can be more than just an item to store dog food.

Many containers come in attractive designs and patterns that double as decor worthy of being displayed, rather than being tucked away in a cabinet.

And with the right one, decorative dog food storage containers can even match your home’s aesthetic.

And they’re not just pretty; they can also keep your dog’s treats fresh and crunchy at all times, just like any typical food container.

So if you’re looking for a new container to store your pet’s favorite snacks, you might want to ditch the bulky plastic options and consider the decorative options in this list instead.

You’ll get two (functionality and design) for the price of one, but you’ll also show just how much you love your pets.

Found something else not included in this list?

Share it with everyone in the comments below!

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