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10 Best Dog Shampoo Products For Dry Skin Rated & Reviewed

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Best dog shampoo for dry skin anyone?

Recently noticed that your playful canine friend suddenly became dreary and inactive? 

One important reason might be dry skin! 

Here, get to know the best dog shampoo for dry skin, and who knows, any of them may work for your poochie too! 

Dogs are such an excellent addition to any household. 

Well, who can resist their naughty side yet charming look?

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What Do We Do?

And since they heavily depend on us to help them achieve a good physical state, we must always ensure they are getting the best care they truly deserve.

We tend to worry just by seeing they do not insist on playing with other dogs – how much more if they suffer from itchy or dry skin?

Persistent scratching and itching are tough on canines as they could result in a more severe skin infection.

Good dog shampoo for dry skin should be capable of providing various healing properties to heal, hydrate, and moisturize the delicate skin of your pup.

Each dog is different – what can be better for one would not necessarily be suitable for another. 

Below we offer 10 outstanding recommendations designed for an array of skin conditions, so have a close look at them and see yourself! 

1. Pro Pet Works Organic Oatmeal Shampoo

Organic Oatmeal Shampoo
The best-seller dog shampoo product for dogs with dry skin, Pro Pet Works, also does an excellent job of alleviating irritated skin from allergies and flea bites.

It can even be used for felines too! 

It contains carefully chosen and all-natural ingredients without additives or soap – including vitamins A, D, & E, almond oil, aloe vera, and oats as the key ingredients.

Using this product for your pup should not trigger poor reactions or allergies since it is designed as hypoallergenic.

A conditioner is included in the package to leave his coat feeling and looking great.

It helps your dog achieve a clean and fresh aroma for days.

Generally, Pro Pet Works is powerful enough to clear off odor, clean dog fur, and even eliminate bacteria while relieving his dry skin.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Recommended by most vets
  • Packed with nourishing vitamins and all-natural ingredients
  • Paraben-free, soap-free, and alcohol-free
  • Safe to use, will not also irritate your dog’s nose and eyes when taking a bath

2. Wahl Dry Skin And Itch Relief Pet Shampoo

Dry Skin and Itch Relief Pet Shampoo
This product is excellent for those looking for a great value dog shampoo.

It’s a highly reliable, effective brand produced by professional dog groomers.

It is specifically made for subtle dogs consisting of plant-based ingredients, pH balanced, and free from alcohol, paraben, and any artificial chemicals.

Some ingredients include lime, oatmeal, aloe, lemon verbena, and coconut that soothe skin.

Just put a small amount, and it will already give a rich foam that cleans your dog’s skin, plus makes it smooth and silky.

Also, Wahl pet shampoo offers instant relief from itchiness and ensures his coat is well-hydrated and nourished.

A cost-efficient option too, since it is available to purchase at 24oz that tends to last up to seventy percent longer compared to other similar products.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Formulated from natural ingredients, hence safe to use
  • An effective, affordable dry skin moisturizer
  • Makes dog’s coat clean, soft, and smooth
  • Can help to ease itching
  • Allergy-friendly

3. Synergylabs Veterinary Formula Clinical Care Shampoo

Formula Clinical Care Shampoo
Another top-selling dry skin shampoo intended for your pup, the Veterinary Formula from Synergylabs, is absolutely a good value.

Includes Allantoin and colloidal ointment to help heal and hydrate skin. 

This one may seem a bit different from your usual dog shampoo due to some ingredients contained, though it is also made to treat seborrhea.

Free from paraben, soap, and dye that uses coal tar, salicylic acid, or micronized sulfur – gets your pet completely clean and fresh while curing dry skin and fungal and parasitic infections.

If your pet is dealing with dandruff, rashes, and inflammation, Veterinary Formula could be your best alternative too.

With consistent use for several weeks, you can expect to see a concrete result, which means less puffed up, calmer, and more hydrated.

Available in 16 oz bottles for acquisition so you can save more bucks using it for many days or even weeks.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Alleviates infections 
  • Treats scaling and dry skin
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Promotes healing and hydrates skin in a quick manner

4. 4Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo

4Legger Certified Organic Dog Shampoo
Another hypoallergenic shampoo we have, the 4-Legger, is entirely organic and safe to apply to your cute little pups.

Renowned as one of the ideal shampoos for delicate dogs regardless of their breed, plus thoroughly tested and authorized by USDA.

Free from toxic chemicals that may hurt your dog’s skin or fur.

Aside from being all-organic, 4-Legger is also 100 percent biodegradable, vegan, environmentally-friendly, and cruelty-free.

So, it is like hitting two birds with one stone when purchasing this product – you get to help your poochie always feel and look good while being friendly with nature.

Aloe vera, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, rosemary extract, and lemongrass essential oil serve as the main ingredients, with lemongrass as a natural pest repellent (removing fleas for good).

Let your dog enjoy a day roaming around while having protection from skin dryness with this shampoo! 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Each ingredient contained is organic and safe for all canine skin types 
  • Hypoallergenic with no harmful or artificial chemicals
  • Relieves irritated, allergy, and sensitive skin 
  • Includes an essential oil for a great clean 
  • Leaves a pleasant smell for hours

5. Paws & Pals Natural Dog Shampoo And Conditioner

Natural Dog Shampoo and Conditioner
If you are on the market for a beneficial natural shampoo for your loyal companion, Paws & Pals Dog Argan Shampoo and Conditioner might be looking for you.

It also helps dogs who suffer from delicate or dry skin and even allergies.

It is entirely made of organic and non-toxic ingredients such as shea butter, rosemary, and oatmeal – leaving your pooch with a glossy coat and smelling crisp.

Coconut, aloe, and jojoba are the coconut oils used to make this formula highly influential, with aloe vera that eases skin irritation and coconut oil that acts as a natural moisturizer.

You will also love the fact that Paws & Pals is cruelty and paraben-free, not to mention vegan.

Have fun applying an adequate amount onto his skin without worrying about irritating his nose, eyes, or the skin itself.

Get rid of debris, dirt, and unpleasant odors at the same time.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Made in the USA, only contains all-natural ingredients 
  • Efficiently cleans and moisturizes the dog’s skin 
  • Produces a fresh and long-lasting fragrance
  • Soap-free and tear-free
  • The oatmeal ingredient can relieve allergy symptoms

6. Earthbath Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Dog Shampoo

Oatmeal & Aloe Vera Dog Shampoo
While the list of ingredients contained seems pretty straightforward, watch out how Earthbath cleanses your dog’s skin dryness and maintains its soft, smooth fur throughout.

The shampoo itself is biodegradable, soap-free, and natural dog shampoo that is US-manufactured.

If you have more than a six-week-old pet, Earthbath might be suited to your budget.

Do not worry if he is undergoing a topical flea and tick treatment because this shampoo is also ideal to use – simply apply some and then wash off to deodorize him and offer ultimate relief.

The aloe vera and oatmeal helps to rehydrate and treat scraped skin.

This shampoo keeps the coats of your pup comfortable to brush and knot-free, which is a bonus! 

Earthbath provides a 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Pet and eco-friendly since it is biodegradable and has all-organic ingredients 
  • Helps to soothe irritation and moisturizes dry skin without being harsh
  • Has a well-balanced pH
  • Maintain a blazing, smooth, and gorgeous fur all-day 

7. TropiClean Oatmeal and Tea Tree Shampoo For Pets

Oatmeal and Tea Tree Shampoo for Pets
If the shampoo products listed here do not deliver expected results, this one from TropiClean is such an exciting alternative.

Made of 70 percent organic formula, but have an assurance it is free of soaps and detergent (therefore safe to apply on your pup!) 

The oatmeal and tea tree included will help your pet get healthy, lustrous skin, and fur.

Choose from the various packages available, for instance.

The 2.5-gallon package is right for those who tend to bath their canines often.

It is a wet type of shampoo that is not artificially perfumed, yet the tea tree oil’s smell still overthrows.

Dogs with sensitive skin may find TropiClean less attractive as the chances of triggering infections are present, so it is essential to conduct a patch test first before using it.

Nevertheless, an excellent pick product for pets over twelve weeks old. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Medicated & hypoallergenic shampoo, with no artificial chemicals
  • Each ingredient is safe for all breeds of dogs
  • Effectively removes skin blistering and itchiness
  • Reduces the chances of infection with the tea tree extracts’ antibacterial properties

8. Vet’s Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo

Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo
A no-frills hypoallergenic no tear shampoo specifically designed to clean your pet while helping to restore essential oils and hydration to his fur and skin.

So, pets with sensitivity and allergies can significantly rely on this product to produce efficient results – let your doggie enjoy a few hours of bath time.

It soothes itching and dryness for a healthier, glossier coat and skin. 

Allantoin, vitamin E, panthenol, and aloe vera are the key ingredients, where allantoin gets rid of dead layers of skin that toughen and stick to the pup’s skin.

In contrast, the aloe vera acts as a tremendous soothing element.

You can even use Vet’s Best Hypoallergenic Shampoo with other dog hair treatments and products (e.g., flea or tick treatment) and receive a similar level of effective use.

Also, this shampoo is made in the US.

The manufacturers offer a money-back satisfaction guarantee so you can simply ask for a refund if you think this product is under par.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Features a hypoallergenic formula; soap-free
  • Cleans the fur and skin plus alleviates itchy and dry skin
  • Gives a natural smell that could last for hours
  • Does not intend to affect ongoing dog hair or skin treatment
  • Suitable for dogs that have dry skin from sensitivities and allergies

9. Burt’s Bees Oatmeal Dog Shampoo

Oatmeal Dog Shampoo
Are you looking for a budget-friendly dog shampoo without compromising its quality use?

If so, Burt’s Bees might be looking for you since it targets dry skin with appeasing and safe ingredients while being friendly with your bank account.

A single wash can efficiently ease, soften, and moisturize dog skin.

It contains honey, oatmeal, and beeswax, all tear-free and all-organic ingredients, besides being paraben and sulfate-free.

The tea tree extracts help to reinforce hair follicles, which could have been deeply damaged as a result of unrestrained scratching.

Although the smell is not as strong as other shampoo products, it will freshen your poochie feeling great all day.

It is also pH balanced and mostly recommended by veterinarians. 

Pros & Benefits:

  • Composed of all-natural ingredients with oatmeal, honey, and oat flour as the main ingredients
  • Safe and effective to use with a topical tick or flea treatments
  • Soap-free, paraben-free, sulfate-free, tear-free 
  • One of the most affordable options
  • Safe to use for puppies

10. Friends Forever Natural Dog Shampoo

Natural Dog Shampoo
Completing our list of the best dog shampoo for dry skin is also from a well-known brand, Friends Forever.

Aside from sensitive, dry skin, this is the best moisturizing formula for shedding skin and smelly dogs – with a sweet-smelling, soothing unique blend of aloe, lavender oil, and natural oatmeal.

Oat, aloe vera, apple, chamomile, and lavender are the active ingredients and organic coconut-based conditioner to offer complete relief for pets with delicate coats and skin.

If you notice this, shampoo only has a shortlist of ingredients, mainly to determine potential irritants and block them.

Feels gentle on nose and paw when applied, thanks to its dandruff- and tear-free formula.

Just a bit of caution: keep a close eye for your pup after a few days applying it on them as the possibility of making their skin too dry could be quite high.

Friends Forever may not complement well with your pet’s skin, so take advantage of the 100 percent satisfaction guarantee offered.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Hypoallergenic, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial with a light apple scent
  • Uses unique, natural ingredients for a guaranteed effectiveness
  • Oatmeal and coconut restore nourishment to your canine’s dry and damaged skin 
  • Tearless & dandruff free
  • Provides 100% satisfaction guarantee

Why Do Dogs Have Dry Skin? 

Allergies, grooming, and skin infections do not only contribute to dry skin, and there is more to that.

Reason #1: Grooming

You might not fully realize it, but the product you are using for your pet grooming routine could have lavish drying agents. 

They cause chronic irritation and dryness as well as skin damage to your furry friend.

Reason #2: Dietary Problems

Is your dog getting enough nutrition he essentially needs?

Yes, what your hound eats also plays a crucial role.

Make sure he is consuming the right amount of vitamins and nutrients, like omega-3 fatty acids.

If you are feeding him a premium dog food, it must contain high-quality and nutritional ingredients.

Reason #3: Allergies

It could be allergies to food or the environment he is living (e.g., grass, pollen).

Grains and some common proteins are considered main culprits for triggering skin allergies among dogs, including wheat and corn, chicken, eggs, and beef.

Reason #4: Weather

 Similar to humans, the dog’s skin tends to become dry during winter and dry seasons.

A good humidifier coupled with a dog shampoo is your best weapon.

Reason #5: Skin Infections

 These can be caused by the yeast’s excessive growth or extreme bacteria – eventually resulting in dandruff and dry skin.

Flea allergies are visible too.

These are just some of the common reasons why dry skin exists on dogs.

Other causes include over parasites, bathing, spaying, neutering, hormone or immune-related issues, alopecia (a rare hereditary condition), and pH balance.

Suppose you notice your pet is suffering from hair loss, dandruff, skin flaking, redness, inflammation, scaly skin, or merely producing a nasty smell.

In that case, he may already have dry skin that makes him feel uncomfortable and less hyper.

Why You Should Use Dog Shampoo For Dry Skin? 

No, shampoos for dry skin are more than just treatment.

Using it also means achieving the following significant benefits: 

  • Moisturizing the skin to eliminate flakiness and dryness
  • Alleviating scratches and itchiness
  • Removing the infestation of ticks, fleas, and other parasites 
  • Treating fungal and bacterial infections 
  • Restoring the skin’s pH to the average degree
  • Invigorating sebaceous glands (responsible for the natural skin barrier) 

On the contrary, dry skin shampoo cannot aid in treating severe skin disease.

Again, talk with your vet for preliminary treatments.

How Often Should You Shampoo Your Dog? 

This is where some dog owners fall out.

Bathing your four-legged friend using shampoo every day or multiple times a week may sound appealing, but it would do more harm than good.

Your dog must be shampooed only once per month or once every 3 months.

Please do not make it a regular habit; otherwise, the natural oils in his skin would strip down.

As for how often you should take a bath, your dog depends on several factors.

Do this at least once a week, especially if he likes staying outdoors and quickly gets dirty or smells bad.

How Should You Do It The Right Way? 

The entire process is just simple (for dogs who seem like bathing is their favorite hobby!) 

If not, talk to him in a pacifying voice for further encouragement.

It is advisable to use warm water first thing first.

Brush your pet to remove dead hair and dirt, then apply the shampoo.

Rinse thoroughly, allow to dry, and voila! 

Choosing A Dog Shampoo That Works For You 

With so many options you have, choosing the right product seems a daunting task.

Many claims to be the best with numerous satisfied dog parents and happy poochies.

Though, how would you ensure you are getting the most of your hard-earned dollars?

Dog’s Skin And Coat Type

As have mentioned since the start of this content, the same product will not work for all dog breeds.

There is a specific shampoo that may deem effective for your pooch but not for others.

It also relies on the type of coat and skin your pet has.

Always go for a gentle formulation to prevent the occurrence of skin irritation and dryness.

It is best to consult a veterinarian if you are uncertain about his skin and coat type.

Organic Or Hypoallergenic? 

These are the two best formulas in a dog shampoo.

Organic is made from all-natural ingredients without any appearances of chemical ingredients or artificial additives; thus, safe to use on all pets.

A hypoallergenic formula, on the other hand, is suited to dogs that are prone to allergies.

It could be natural ingredients, although there could also be chemical or artificial ones contained.

Be sure to check the labels carefully to avoid costly mistakes.


Here is a rule of thumb: choose skin-soothing ingredients.

Aloe vera, oatmeal extracts, coconut oil, almond oil, tea tree, and vitamins are the highly recommended ingredients to look for in a package.

Alcohol, detergents, and chemicals may lead to further damage, so beware! 

You may also want to avoid paraben, dye, and commercial soap.

Anti-parasitic properties, nourishing properties, and healing formulas for infections or rashes are excellent as well.

Final Thoughts 

Whatever you need for the best dog shampoo for dry skin, these top picks are sure to provide you the results you want.

The Pro Pet Works is probably the best general shampoo we can recommend, though it would not hurt trying other products we have listed here.

They are all-natural and made from safe, reliable ingredients aimed at relieving and moisturizing your pet’s coat and skin.

For a cheaper version, we say you should go either for Wahl or Burt’s Bees.

Make a comparison of each item to see which one is suitable for your dog’s needs.

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