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10 Best Dog Food Brands For Huskies Reviewed For 2021

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Tim Rhodes

Among a large number of dog breeds, huskies have their own unique identity, and that’s why they also deserve the best dog food for huskies.

From what a husky could be charmed other than some real tasty food?

Here we are going to review some of the best dog food for huskies that you can buy for your pet.

Foods that aren’t only delicious and tasty but healthy and nutritious.

Several factors are involved in determining the best diet for a husky.

These factors include age, gender, breed, and health.

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10 Best Dog Food Brands For Huskies Reviewed

Let’s have a look at some of the best dog food for huskies that pass all the tests to be in your husky’s bowl.

1. Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan High Energy, High Protein Dog Food, SPORT 30/20 Salmon & Rice Formula - 33 lb. Bag
2,077 Reviews
Purina Pro Plan High Energy, High Protein Dog Food, SPORT 30/20 Salmon & Rice Formula - 33 lb. Bag
  • Concentrated nutrition optimizes oxygen metabolism (VO2 MAX) for increased endurance
  • High protein formula, with real salmon as the first ingredient
  • Fortified with guaranteed live probiotics to support digestive and immune health
  • Used to be known as SPORT Performance 30/20 Salmon and Rice Formula
  • Amino acids nourish muscles, including the crucial time after exercise

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Purina Plan Pro is a US-based pet diet producing company.

It has different products in the market that concern specific breeds of cats and dogs ranging from dry and grain-free to wet and grainy products.

Purina Pro Plan Sport, Energy & Vitality Support, High Protein Dry Dog Food is a product designed by the company specifically for athletic dogs.

its major ingredients are salmon, corn gluten meal, rice, by-product meal, whole grain corn, animal fat, germ meal, and fish meal.

if you have a dog outperforming in sport then this product will be the best diet for him.

the product comes in various flavors: salmon, chicken, beef.

its advantage is that if your husky doesn’t like wheat, corn, and soy, you can buy flavors without them.

All of the flavors include real salmon, chicken, or beef as primary ingredients.

Nutritionally, it has 30% protein and 20% fats to 20% fat to help accelerate metabolic activities and sustain slim muscles.

Other than proteins and fats, it is blended with vitamins and minerals to account for your husky’s physical health and fitness.

EPA and glucosamine present in it help maintain joint strength and movement.

The mineral metals present in it help optimize oxygen metabolism (VO2 Max).

Apart from its nutritional benefits and number of flavors, it comes in all age groups resigning you of the tension that you may mess up puppy food with the adult one.

Purina Pro Plan has also introduced several products that deal with specific areas of health e.g.

skin-support, digestive health, weight management, and healthy aging.

The company has many other dry and wet products that can be used for different age groups and health conditions.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Available for all age groups
  • Comes in several flavors: salmon, chicken, and beef
  • Specialized formulas for your husky’s unique preferences and needs

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2. Diamond Naturals

DIAMOND NATURALS Dry Food for Adult Dogs, Large Breed 60+ Chicken Formula, 40 Pound Bag, 40 lb...
10,869 Reviews
DIAMOND NATURALS Dry Food for Adult Dogs, Large Breed 60+ Chicken Formula, 40 Pound Bag, 40 lb...
  • High quality protein made with real cage free chicken; tailored for a large breed dog with optimal amino acid...
  • Premium ingredients with added vitamins & minerals; superfoods for antioxidants; fatty acids for skin & coat;...
  • Nutrient rich and HIGHLY digestible with PROPRIETARY PROBIOTICS that survive and thrive in the GI tract; at levels
  • Family owned & run, MADE in the USA choosing ingredients from TRUSTED, SUSTAINABLE sources around the world; Call...
  • No corn, wheat, filler; NO ARTIFICIAL flavors, colors, or preservatives; Made with the most scientifically advanced...

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Diamond Naturals Premium is a family-owned company based in the US since 1970 producing cat and dog foods.

Diamond Naturals Premium large breed formulas dry dog food for adult dogs and/or puppies made with real meat protein, superfoods, probiotics, and antioxidants is a product designed specifically for adults of large breeds of dogs.

Its major ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, whole grain rice, barley, white rice, rice bran, sorghum, chicken fat, egg product, beet pulp, and flaxseed.

Not to worry, the company has another product designed for large breed puppies.

The product comes in chicken and lamb flavors.

The company uses cage-free chicken meat which provides optimal amino acid for slim and powerful muscles for your husky.

The food contains vitamins and minerals including essentials for antioxidants, fatty acids for skin and coat, and glucosamine, and chondroitin for bones and joints of your husky.

One thing which sets it apart from others is the novel amount of K9 strain probiotics that remain your husky’s GI track guaranteeing good digestion.

K9 biotics are specially formed for dogs and include 80,000 colony forming units (CFUs).

The other thing is the use of vegetables and fruits which provide a colorful spectrum to the food and add nutritional value to it in the form of minerals and salts.

The product does not contain any amount of corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, colors, fillers, or preservatives.

It contains 23% crude protein, 14% crude fat, and omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

The company has many other foods designed for the needs of your pet.

Pros & Benefits:

  • It uses cage-free chicken and rice as major ingredients
  • It includes dog-specific K9 strain biotics
  • It contains omega family fatty acids, glucosamine, antioxidants

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3. Nature's Recipe

Nature′s Recipe Dry Dog Food, Grain Free Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe, 24 lb. Bag
  • Contains one (1) 24-pound bag of Nature’s Recipe Grain Free Salmon, Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Recipe dry dog food
  • Natural dog food with added vitamins, minerals and nutrients for maintenance of adult dogs
  • Real salmon is the number one ingredient
  • Made with nutrient-dense carbohydrate sources like sweet potato and pumpkin instead of added corn or wheat
  • Fiber helps support digestion and immune system health

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Nature’s Recipe is a US-based company producing several products concerning dog diet.

These products range from dog biscuits to grain-free fodder.

Nature’s Recipe Grain-Free Easy to Digest Dry Dog Food with real meat, sweet potato, and pumpkin comes in three flavors: chicken, lamb, and salmon.

Its major ingredients are salmon, sweet potato, and pumpkin.

It has unique ingredients like pumpkin and sweet potatoes which help discriminate its taste.

These ingredients make it rich in carbohydrates and other essentials.

Real nutrient-rich meat (chicken/ lamb/ salmon) is used in manufacturing providing the best amino acid ingredients essential for lean and strong muscle growth.

It does not contain any corn, soy, or wheat.

Moreover, it is also free from any kind of artificial flavors, colors, or by-product meals.

The omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids present in it help your husky’s skin and coat to be healthy and shiny and the calcium and phosphorus make his teeth and bones strong.

The natural meat(chicken/salmon/lamb) used in the food makes it easily digestible.

Many other dry and wet products are popular among food-lovers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Sweet potato and pumpkin are used as ingredients that enhance the dietary fiber amounts in it
  • Available in three flavors: chicken, salmon, and lamb
  • No corn, soy, or wheat used

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4. Taste Of The Wild

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Grain-Free Dry Dog Food with Roasted Bison and Venison for Puppies...
  • Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy with ROASTED BISON and ROASTED VENISON dry dog food; REAL MEAT is the #1...
  • Nutrient-rich and provides the energy to thrive; vitamins and minerals from SUPERFOODS; omega fatty acids for...
  • Each serving includes high levels of species-specific, K9 Strain PROPRIETARY PROBIOTICS - plus antioxidants and...
  • FAMILY-OWNED and MADE in the USA using quality ingredients from trusted domestic and global sources

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Taste of the Wild is considered, by most critics, as one of the largest dog food brands across the USA.

It has introduced dozens of sub-brands that are popular among dog-lovers.

Many of its products are made for growing huskies who have high calorie-consumption rates.

One of them is Taste of the Wild High Protein Real Meat Recipe Dry Dog Food.

Its major ingredients are buffalo, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, egg product, peas, potatoes, chicken fat, tomato, roasted bison, roasted venison, flaxseed, ocean fish meal, and salmon oil.

This product’s primary ingredients are real meat prepared with healthy fats that fulfills your husky’s amino acid needs and provide him with essential vitamins and mineral.

The most popular flavor of this brand is roasted bison and venison, which will satisfy your husky taste.

Its small kibble size will help your husky’s digestion and will keep his teeth clean.

It’s dry and grain-free making sure that your husky does not have indigestion.

It best fulfills your growing puppy’s need by providing him with required protein amounts and other essentials, by acting as a superfood for body antioxidants, and by providing DHA for his brain and vision.

This product is also great for pregnant or nursing moms and adults.

Many specialized products have been introduced by the company for other breeds and ages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Best for growing puppies and pregnant moms
  • Grain-free and dry-best for digestion
  • High-calorie food taking care of your husky’s energy levels

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5. Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Adult High-Protein Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken, Grain-Free, Made in the...
  • GRAIN-FREE RECIPE: Made with complex carbohydrates like potatoes and sweet potatoes, and none of the grains some...
  • PACKED WITH REAL CHICKEN: Starts with real chicken to satisfy your dog’s cravings, part of a high-protein diet
  • BALANCED DIET: A perfect balance of protein, fats, and complex carbohydrates support your adult dog’s active life
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS: BLUE foods are made with the finest natural ingredients enhanced with vitamins, minerals, and...
  • ADDITIONAL FORMULAS: In addition to grain-free, BLUE Wilderness also comes in recipes with wholesome grains to meet...

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Blue Buffalo is a prominent American brand whose pet diet products are popular in the market.

The company produces wet and dry products.

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein, Natural Adult Dry Dog Food.

Its major ingredients are buffalo, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, egg product, pea protein, peas, potatoes, chicken fat, tomato pomace, flaxseed, and potato fiber.

It’s a product particularly designed for adult huskies, considering their diet and nutrition needs.

It is packed with real chicken to fill in your husky’s protein needs.

It includes carbohydrates including sweet potatoes and peas, boosting your adult husky’s active lifestyle.

It is blended with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals supporting your husky’s immune system health, life stage conditions, and a healthy oxidative steadiness.

It is never packed with chicken by-product meals, corn, wheat, soy, artificial flavors, or preservatives which makes it natural and digestion-friendly.

Other than its nutritious value, the delicious fact is that it comes in three mouth-watering flavors: chicken, duck, and salmon.

Considering all the facts, we can say that this product will not only satisfy your husky’s taste but also will add great nutritional value to its meal which will lead to healthy muscle growth, improved metabolism, and strong bones and teeth.

The company also has several other wet and dry products differentiating for age.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Includes real chicken (not chicken by-products)
  • Does not contains corn, wheat, artificial flavors, and soy
  • Comes in three flavors: chicken, duck, and salmon

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6. IAMS Store

IAMS Proactive Health Minichunks Adult Dry Dog Food with Real Chicken and Whole Grains, 30 lb. Bag
  • Complete and Balanced for Adult Dogs: 100% complete and balanced adult dog food, 0% fillers, IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH...
  • Supports Healthy Digestion: Made with a tailored blend of natural fiber and prebiotics, this dry dog kibble...
  • Provides Whole-Body Health: Formulated to support whole-body health, including 7 essential nutrients to help...
  • Supports Immune Health: This delicious recipe is enriched with antioxidants to help maintain a strong immune system
  • Helping Keep Pets Healthy for Life: With a portfolio of wet and dry food for puppies, adult dogs, and senior dogs,...

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IAMS is an American company established in 1946 that makes wet and dry products relating to cats and dogs.

IAMS Proactive Health Minichunks Dry Dog Food, chicken is available only in chicken flavor but its quality account for the scarcity.

Its major ingredients are chicken, whole grain corn, sorghum, chicken by-product meal, beet pulp, natural flavor, and flaxseed.

Real farm-raised chicken is used which does not have its unique taste but also gives the product its nutritional value by adding high amounts of proteins and essential minerals and vitamins which ensure your husky’s good health and strong muscles.

The product is designed for 1+ adult huskies.

Different vegetables have been used that add in the dietary fibers to the diet that facilitate smooth digestion.

The prebiotics present in it also helps to better your husky’s digestion.

Antioxidants are blended in the product to support your husky’s immune system.

No artificial flavors, colors, or fillers are used.

Wholesome grains, the garnish of carrots, beet pulp, and chicken fats are used as ingredients ensuring the natural quality of nutrients and minerals used.

The omega fats present in it help your husky’s skin and coat to be shiny and healthy and the calcium and phosphorus make his bones and teeth strong.

The company also features wet products in several varieties and flavors.

IAMS’s best feature is the variety it offers concerning the different needs of pets.

You can find several wet and dry products as per your pet’s liking.

Pros & Benefits:

  • A large number of products available as per the husky’s need
  • Different vegetables are used that increase dietary fiber amount enabling smooth digestion
  • Antioxidants and biotics included

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7. WAG

Amazon Brand - Wag High Protein Dry Dog Food Beef and Lentil Recipe with Wild Boar, Grain Free (5...
  • REAL MEAT FIRST: American beef is the # 1 ingredient
  • NUTRITIOUS RECIPE: High protein formula; vegetables like lentils and peas provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants,...
  • LESS FILLER: no added grain, corn, wheat, artificial colors, flavors, or chemical preservatives
  • VET FORMULATED: Formulated with help from veterinarians and pet nutritionists
  • FEEDING TRANSITION: Gradual transitioning is important to help avoid dietary upsets; please see instructions below...

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WAG is a well-known US brand with a large number of wet and dry products for cats and dogs.

Amazon Brand – Wag Dry Dog Food, 35% protein, no added grains (beef, salmon, turkey, lamb) is a product designed for large breed animals such as huskies.

Its major ingredients are beef, beef meal, lentils, peas, egg product, chicken fat, wild boar, potato, beet pulp, and flaxseed.

It comes in many flavors: beef, chicken, lamb, and salmon.

This variety makes it exciting for your husky to enjoy a new flavor every day.

Real American beef/chicken/lamb/salmon is used as the primary ingredient, maximizing the protein yield of the food.

It contains 35% crude protein which helps to maintain your husky’s muscle strength and manages his weight.

Nutritious greens such as peas and lentils are added providing essential vitamins, antioxidants minerals, and phytonutrients that help support your husky’s health and better his health.

Salmon oil flaxseed used in the product provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that nourish your husky’s skin and coat.

Long-chain DHA added in a balanced amount helps your husky’s vision and brain.

No grains including wheat, corn, and soy are used.

Artificial flavors, colors, or fillers are not used.

The company also sells several dry and wet cat and dog foods and treats.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Comes in a variety of flavors
  • Highly beneficial from a nutritionist’s point of view
  • Palettes are in kibble size

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8. Pedigree

PEDIGREE High Protein Adult Dry Dog Food Beef and Lamb Flavor Dog Kibble, 20.4 lb. Bonus Bag
  • Contains one (1) 20.4 lb. bag of PEDIGREE High Protein Adult Dry Dog Food Beef and Lamb Flavor
  • Made with real red meat and 25% more protein than PEDIGREE Adult Complete Nutrition
  • 100% complete and balanced high quality dry food for adult dogs
  • No added sugar, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup
  • Active dogs of every breed go wild for the high protein recipe made with real meat and great taste

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Pedigree is a sub-brand of a multi-national company MARS Petcare originally established in the US in 1934.

The company has a large distribution setup and also a large number of products mostly related to dog foods.

Pedigree High Protein Adult Dry & Wet Canned Dog Food is a food product available in both wet and dry forms.

Its major ingredients are ground whole grain corn, chicken by-product meal, meat and bone, corn gluten meal, animal fat, whole grain wheat, soybean, and beef.

It is, basically, available in two flavors: beef & lamb and chicken & turkey and in the case of wet food with gravy.

It is designed for adult dogs.

Other products are also available for puppies.

The company claims to use real meat(beef/lamb/chicken/turkey) in its products.

Composition-wise wet food contains 44% protein matter, 17% fat level, and 31% carbohydrate content.

Dry food contains 25% more protein than usual levels.

No added sugar, flavor, corn syrups, or fillers used.

The high protein amount makes it apt for active huskies, fat content nourishes its skin and coat health, and carbohydrates amount provides energy to your husky.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High protein amount maximizing the amino acid yield
  • Available in both wet and dry forms
  • Real meat (no by-products) is used

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9. Hill’s Science Diet Store

Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds, Chicken Meal and Oats Recipe, 30 lb. Bag
7,469 Reviews
Hill's Science Diet Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Large Breeds, Chicken Meal and Oats Recipe, 30 lb. Bag
  • A large breed puppy food specially made with an optimal level of calcium for controlled bone growth
  • Uses a balanced set of minerals to promote strong bones and teeth in large puppies
  • Uses DHA from fish oil to support healthy brain and eye development for growing dogs
  • High-quality protein helps your large pup build and maintain lean muscle
  • Made in the USA with global ingredients you can trust in a Hill’s-owned, TRUE GOLD certified zero waste facility

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Hill’s Science is a company established in 1939 by Dr.

Mark Morris making cat and dog foods.

The company takes pride in its scientific background as it appears in its name.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Dog Food, puppy, large breed, chicken meal & oats recipe is specifically designed for large breed puppies keeping in sight their growth and health needs.

Its major ingredients are chicken meal, whole grain wheat, oats, sorghum, corn gluten meal, corn, pork fat, flaxseed, beet pulp, and fish oil.

It does not feature many flavors rather places importance on the nutritional value of the product.

It contains essentials and minerals in balanced amounts including calcium and phosphorus that guarantee healthy bones and teeth.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids used in it help your husky’s skin and coat to be healthy and shiny.

Salmon oil used in the product supplement brain and eye development by adding DHA.

Clinically proven antioxidants, vitamin C, and E are also blended with the food.

The company claims to use natural ingredients featuring chicken as the primary ingredient.

No chicken by-product is used in manufacturing.

Whole grain wheat, oat, and corn are used making it a high-calorie food.

Different vegetables are also added making the dietary fibers level high enough to account for smooth digestion.

The company’s uniqueness lies in its extensive research it has done regarding its product’s nutritional advantages.

Pros & Benefits:

  • High nutritional benefits
  • Designed for growing puppies
  • Plenty of research work standing behind the product

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10. Rachael Ray Nutrish

Rachael Ray Nutrish Premium Natural Dry Dog Food, Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe, 28 Pounds...
  • Contains one (1) 28-pound bag of Rachael Ray Nutrish Real Chicken & Veggies Recipe
  • Now more nutritious and delicious compared to previous recipe
  • Natural dry dog food for adult dogs with added vitamins, minerals and taurine
  • Includes Nutrish’s Whole Health Blend which helps support a healthy mind, body, and energy level and Made with...
  • A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this product will be donated to The Rachael Ray Foundation, which helps...

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Rachael Ray Nutrish is considered one of the most prominent pet diet companies established in the new millennium.

In 2008, Rachael Ray, a food expert, TV hostess, writer, and pet-lover, partnered with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition to form Rachael Ray Nutrish.

Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Dog Food, chicken & veggies recipe is produced specifically for adult dogs.

Its major ingredients are chicken, chicken meal, peas, soybean meal, whole ground corn, beet pulp, chicken fat, corn gluten meal, and brown rice.

It comes only in chicken & veggie flavor.

Real chicken meat is used.

No poultry by-product meal, filler, wheat, or gluten ingredients are utilized as ingredients.

Natural prebiotics has been added to help your husky’s digestion.

Bears whole grains including wheat, oak, and corn.

No artificial flavors or colors are used.

The high protein amount makes it suitable for huskies, fat content supports their skin and coat’s health, and carbohydrate amounts provide the required energy to your husky.

Antioxidants compounded in the food help your husky’s immune system.

Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids help improve your husky’s skin and coat’s health.

The company’s products are wildly popular among dog and cat lovers.

Pros & Benefits:

  • Health optimized products
  • Beneficial for the digestive tract
  • Free from unnatural ingredients

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My Advice

If you ask me, I’ll never recommend you stick to a single product.

You are never going to find a ‘perfect product for you husky.

There is no perfect at all.

Do you just eat the same food daily? – No.

Why? – Because you can’t.

You want some variety and change.

Similar is the case for your husky.

He also wants change.

He also wants to experience new tastes.

You should consider switching foods after some time.

But don’t do it too abruptly.

Firstly, you should consider consulting a vet.

He could guide you about appropriate products concerning age, breed, and health status.

Secondly, you need to gradually change your husky’s diet.

Starting with a quarter of the new food, you can transition into it in a week.

You should also remember that food is not the only thing your husky requires from you.

He needs your time.

He needs your smile.

He needs you to play with him.

Some people do not fulfill these more essential needs and look for faults in their diet.

Final Thoughts

Not only do different breeds and ages have different likings, but an individual dog may also have his devotions when it comes to the best dog food for huskies.

As there are idiosyncrasies in humans, so are in animals.

They may be allergic to some foods, may not like the taste of some, or may not like the texture and smell of some.

But the good thing is that nothing of it is hidden from you.

You exactly know how your husky reacts to some particular food.

What are his body reactions? – These are things you must observe so that your pet can have the best meal possible for him.

Lastly, don’t just stick onto food, try some treats also.

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